After the relentless summer heat, the monsoon cools everything down and bring down the temperature. However, monsoons aren't always a relief for everyone. In some situations, the continuous rain and its effects can dampen many lively spirits. For instance, it's quite difficult to go out during the monsoons, things just refuse to dry and get a bad odour, among other issues. Like many other problems of our lives, tech has a solution for the damp vibes of the monsoon as well. We've curated a series of products that will liven up your monsoon days.

Coffee Maker

Nothing like some coffee to get the day going. Get a coffee maker that’ll help you brew the perfect cup of coffee to get you on your toes. This coffee maker from Morphy Richards features a milk frothing nozzle for perfect frothing and can make up to 4 cups of coffee at once.

Air Fryer

There’s just something about monsoons that makes us crave for piping hot fried snacks. But what’s better than hot fried snacks on a rainy day? Snacks without the guilt of having oily food. An air fryer delivers the same taste but with up to 75% less fat. This Air Fryer from Philips can fry, grill, roast and even bake and is super easy to clean after use.

Clothes Dryer

In a tropical country like India, where humidity is relatively high, getting a clothes dryer makes a lot of sense. Not only it helps in drying clothes quickly, but also saves the efforts of putting clothes out for drying and rushing to get them when it rains. This clothes dryer from IFB has a drying capacity of 5.5kgs and offers 6 different drying programs to ensure optimum heat and drying time for different fabric types.

Music Speaker

What goes well with monsoons is soothing vocals that can really help you unwind. The Saregaama Carvaan is a Bluetooth Speaker that comes pre-loaded with more than 5,000 Indian evergreen songs. The Carvaan has a retro look and really helps add to the vibe while you listen to the golden years of Indian cinema. You can also choose to play the FM or play songs via Bluetooth if you please.

Hair Dryer

It’s so easy to get your head wet during monsoons. But unfortunately, drying it out or waiting for it to dry out is not the most practical solution. Hence, it’s always ideal to keep a hair dryer around. Not only does it dry off your wet hair to get you started but it also comes handy in drying off clothes and other cloth accessories.

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