Life in Mumbai is a mile-a-minute, so it’s easy to see why getting up in the morning to plan and prepare your office meal can be a bit much for most people. Luckily, this is also the city with the most options for those who choose to spend their time searching for what they really want to eat. Here are some of the best food delivery services that we found to cover every conceivable preference and taste, all for Rs 200 a pop.  

For Those Who Have International Tastes

SoulCare is the brainchild of Mridula Agarwal, a food technologist with an MBA. She launched her food delivery service six years ago with the aim of helping people create a healthy shift towards a wholesome lifestyle. Today, the company delivers two types of meals – Balanced Meal Plans and Zero Oil Meal Plans – but the real gem on her menu is the Continental platter, which includes Italian, Mexican and Arabic preparations along with a serving of salad, fruits, soups and brown bread sandwiches. While it weighs in at a very impressive 350-450 calories per meal, it’s a world tour of flavours.  

For Those Whose Jeans Are Getting a Little Tight

If you think diet food is bland and boring, then this is the tiffin service for you. Dial a Diet guarantees you a calorie-counted meal, a-okayed by a dietician. Count on this service to fulfil your need for flavour and variety. With a commitment to ensuring that their food is high in protein and fibre content, while only using rice bran oil or olive oil in meal preparation, you can be assured that you’ll never be worried about sticking to your diet again. Look out for their sleek tiffin carrier, too!  

For Those Who’re Health-Conscious

Calorie Care takes a scientific view towards meal planning. With one of the most customisable meal plans around, their team of chefs and dieticians work together to ensure that you get the best food you can for your needs. Whether you need low sugar or low salt, they will have an option; the menu’s also varied and inventive. A weekly menu is available on the website for those of us who don’t like being surprised. In addition, for the diet-conscious, the containers in which the food arrives are also clearly marked with the nutritional content of each dish. (The low sugar meal plan costs an average of INR 220 per meal)   Like this article? Also read: Burn It Up: 5 Everyday Ingredients That Fight Fat  

For Those Who Miss Home

We all miss our mother’s cooking sometimes. That’s where Tiffin Mantra can help. They proudly boast that their food is not prepared under the guidance of professional chefs, but by homemakers who lovingly ensure that the very best home-cooked food is going out to the people who crave a taste of home. The good people at Tiffin Mantra aim to get you excited about lunch so that it doesn’t seem so much of a boring necessity as much as something to look forward to eagerly every day. Dal, rice, roti, traditional preparations made out of  a wide variety of vegetables, and salad are all on this tasty home menu.  

For Hipster-types

If you’re conscious about where your food comes from, try Dial Organic which aims to bring all kinds of organic products together under one roof. As part of this effort, they’ve introduced The Organic Lunchbox, designed by nutritionist Kinjal Shah, to ensure that organic food makes its way into your daily balanced meal. All the ingredients are sourced from their organic store so that you can be sure that only chemical-free and clean food is entering your system.  

For Those Who Like to Play With Their Food

Bhukkadpanti is all about giving power to the people. Featuring a very easy-to-use online ordering system, patrons can choose which items from the menu turn up in their dabba for that particular day. And if you’re on a budget, there’s no better place than this – using their web interface, you can add and remove items to your liking until your meal fits within your budget. There are no fixed meal plans here, so you pay only for what you want!


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