Bengaluru is a young city, what with techies (and marketers, biz whizzes, brewers and music makers) moving here and calling it home. The erstwhile Garden City has become an urban jungle, where so many have to fend for themselves. So it’s a good thing then that there are a whole bunch of tiffin delivery services that have popped up to cater to the constantly-evolving needs of Bangalore’s hordes of office-goers.  

For Those Who Have International Tastes

FreshMenu, the multi-city online food caterer, started in Bengaluru. With a constantly changing daily menu that consists of fare from across the world, the service has won the hearts and palates of adventurous foodies. They have kitchens spread across the city, so your food is always hot when it reaches you. Sample their continental-inspired and Asian-inspired dishes, they’re amongst the best we’ve had so far.  

For Those Whose Jeans Are Getting a Little Tight

Nuts Over Salads was launched by brothers, Aditya and Abhijeet Rao as an easy-to-order, app-only service. Their aim: to become India’s top provider of salads. A menu that changes every week, affordable pricing and freshly procured ingredients make NOS a great option for weight watchers.  

For Those Who’re Health-Conscious

Jiyo Natural is one of thos fancy-scmancy food delivery services which, once you sign up for meals, schedules a call with their in-house dietician. You’re asked about preferences, allergies, sugar and thyroid levels, body type, and all other pertinent information, before a meal plan is suggested to suit your needs. The food itself is prepared using a bare minimum of oil and is strictly portioned so that you feel satiated, but not overfed. The best part? The food has that home-cooked feeling to it, so you don’t have to worry about bland food.   Like this article? Also read: Fully-Loaded: Pooja Dhingra Talks About Her Favourite Waffles  

For Those Who Miss Home

Mom’s Curry delivers on its name by collaborating with home chefs who deliver the food straight out of their kitchen. The food is prepared fresh everyday by ‘Mom Chefs’ who cook the food with love and then have it delivered hot to you in the office. Weekly themed menus ensure that you never get bored with meals and they even have the bonus of being able to choose North and South Indian meal plans.  

For Hipster-types

This isn’t exactly hipster food, but what sets Tiffin Meal apart is that it uses organic vegetables in all its preparations. It also delivers meals in a meal box that must be returned the next day, thereby ensuring that the meal box is recycled and not the cause of further littering. The food is wholesome and offers plenty of variety, with flexible meal plans at affordable prices.  

For Those Who Like to Play With Their Food

Bhukkad promises fast food with natural ingredients. It offers whole wheat sandwiches, salads, burgers and healthy drinks that are light on the stomach and easy on the waistline. Choose between the fixed menu and the daily changing menu, which consists dishes that are made specially for that day. With its extremely affordable pricing and fun range of dishes, this is one option that’s sure to be fun to try.


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