Whether you’re a logophile or not, you must admit that some words are beautiful. Especially when they’re borrowed from a foreign language. ‘I love you’ sounds so much more romantic in French, while the Spanish word for that raw and powerful emotion you feel while looking at a beautiful artwork is Duende. We’ve pulled together a list of other such foreign words that describe everyday, mundane, even sad things with great beauty. 15 curious words Age-otori (adj, Japanese) When one looks worse after a haircut. Curious Sgriob (v; Gaelic) An imaginary itch on the upper lip that is scratched only after one takes a sip of whiskey. https://www.tatacliq.com/que/5-pairs-of-platforms-that-will-help-you-kick-the-heel-habit Pisan Zapra (v, Malay) Time required to snack on a banana. curious wordsPochemuchka (n; Russian) One who asks too many questions. curious wordsShemomedjamo (v, Georgian) When one overeats because the food is just so good; literal translation: ‘I accidentally ate the whole thing’. curious wordsPelinti Buli (adj, Ghana) A word for when one bites into something so hot, one goes ‘aahaahaah’. curious wordsKummerspeck (v, German) When one eats one’s emotions and packs on the pounds. curious wordsYoko meshi (v, Japanese) When one stresses about speaking a new language; literal translation: ‘a meal eaten sideways’. curious wordsWei-wu-wei (v, Chinese) When one deliberately decides to do absolutely nothing, for no apparent reason. curious wordsYa’aburnee (v, Arabic) An intensely romantic declaration of one’s hope that one will kick the bucket before the other, because life without them would be miserable; literal translation: ‘You bury me’. curious wordsTingo (v, Pascuense language, Easter Island) The act of taking stuff one likes from friends’ houses by borrowing them all, at a steady pace. curious wordsJayus (n, Indonesian) A PJ. curious wordsLagom (adj, Swedish) When something’s almost perfect. curious wordsVerschlimmbesserung (adj, German) When one takes actions designed to make things better, but things get worse. curious wordsWeltschmerz (adj, German) That world-weariness only 1 percenters' kids are likely to feel.


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