Travel is a beautiful thing. It teaches you about new cultures and gives you memories that last a lifetime. However, it gets ever better when you can travel along with your best friend. We discovered two couples who give us #Goals by doing just that. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we spoke to two couple travel bloggers about their relationships, exciting adventures and their common passion for travel.

Saanya & Abhimanyu 

This lawyer and army soldier duo, Saanya and Abhimanyu are taking over Instagram through their account - That Ordinary Couple one city at a time and their journey has been quite an adventure too. Here's what they had to say.

How did you two meet?

We met on social media while I was still in college. Long story short, that's how our story started, almost 8 years ago. I never believed in stuff like soulmates, but, when I met Abhi for the first time in Delhi, there was this voice inside me which said - ‘this is the one’, and with him, the relationship has always been super easy. You just know when it’s meant to be.

What does love mean to you?

Love for me is acceptance, comfort and companionship. It’s when another person starts to naturally take up space in your mind, and they start to matter more and more to you over time. It’s about you wanting to prioritise someone over yourself and delighting in the things that make them unique. It’s about being equals together.

What has been your most cherished memory from your travels?

We were in the Old town of Hanoi, on our 3rd wedding anniversary, sitting in a local cafe outside on the sidewalk, in these plastic stools, drinking ‘Bia Hoi’, their local beer. When suddenly the Police started doing their rounds, and everyone started getting up holding their stools and their beers. Turns out, you’re not allowed to sit outside and drink after midnight. It was a hilarious sight to see, and we couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a fond memory.

Which has been the most romantic destination you've been to?

I have to say Paris, as it is known to be the most romantic city in the world. But I’ll also add ‘Sant feliu De Guixols’. It’s this quaint little town in the Costa Brava region of Spain. We were just lounging around on the beach, when we noticed this elderly couple, might be 85 years old, walking on the shoreline, holding hands. This made such a huge impact on us, because the elderly man was walking with the help of a walker, but they were still being adorable together. That’s when Abhi and I decided, this is how we want to be when we grow older.

What made you start That Ordinary Couple?

As Abhimanyu kept getting posted to exotic locations, social media became an avenue for me to share our experiences, and that’s how ThatOrdinaryCouple came to be.

What is one surprising fact that you learnt about each other during your travels?

There are a lot of them actually but the one thing that stands out is how much we both love not having an itinerary while travelling, and just winging it. We thankfully, discovered this mutual fact on our first trip together.  

Nikita & Harry 

Their account - The Vagabond Stories, boasts colourful and vivacious pictures of food, culture and experiences from various parts of the globe that give us all sorts of happy vibes. Here's a peek into their lives.

Tell us a little about yourselves. How and where did you two meet?

We met when we were in college and there was an instant connection. For a long time we were just friends and were dating on and off. But somehow, over all those years, we always found our way back to each other. We decided to get our careers in place before we took the big step. Harry is a marketing guy and I'm an advertising executive. Even through all our ups and downs, there was always something in my gut that told me he's the one and I always saw him in my future. We are each other's number one priority and that's what keeps the relationship alive.

What does love mean to you?

Love is something that enriches your life, something that makes you happy, makes you feel safe and makes you feel at home. To me, Harry is my home. There's complete honesty and transparency and absolutely no "games" involved.

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

Personally, we both believe that love should be celebrated every day. However, he is definitely the more romantic one amongst us and I have often woken up to some lovely surprises from his end. I'm a lucky girl! On Valentine's Day, we usually either go on a date or just celebrate with a bottle of wine.

What was your most romantic experience while travelling?

We had gone to Serai in Bandipur, as a part of a media trip and they had prepared an elaborate candle lit dinner with roses, wine and the works under the starry sky. That was definitely very romantic. Other than that, our honeymoon was a great trip for us both. Just walking hand in hand on the cobbled streets of Rome was a beautiful experience.

The most romantic destination you've been to?

Venice was definitely a city to remember. The Venitian canals with the Gondolas passing by and just the entire city is pretty romantic!

What made you start The Vagabond Stories?

We are all about travel, adventure and exploring new things and experiences. We are not the type to sleep in during our holidays. We love experiencing new food, new cultures, meeting new people - which is why we wanted to just document our adventures and travels somewhere. We made Vagabond Stories just for fun and luckily, it grew into a fantastic community.

What is one surprising fact that you learnt about each other during your travels?

We learnt that we both love jam-packed itineraries! All our travels have itineraries which Harry makes. He's all about research and history. I love to follow those! We barely ever have a relaxed holiday where we just while away time doing nothing. We both love to explore each and every corner of the city we are going to.

Where are you'll travelling to next? What are your travel plans for the year ahead?

We are going to Orissa next! He's from Orissa, and I have still not been there. He wants to show me around the state and I can't wait to do that. Other than that, we might explore Turkey this year.