It kinda sucks to live in the glorious capital right now, blanketed by heavy smog that can leave you choking and gasping for air. Crop fires, vehicle pollution and Diwali fireworks have largely contributed to this mess. While the government has announced several emergency measures to curb the pollution, it’s not going to help as much as you helping yourself. Here are some immediate measures you can take to ensure you don’t choke before your time is up in this polluted city.
Stay Indoors Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife because the smog comprises of hazardous air pollutants like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be extremely toxic. Avoid exercising outdoors, train in a gym or at home.
Close your windows
shut window Keep the windows and doors closed to prevent polluted air from spreading in your home.
Check your diet
diet Drink plenty of water and fluids to flush out toxins. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet since they’re a great way to improve your immunity system.
Don’t ride a two-wheeler
two wheeler You’re venturing in dangerous territory if you decide to hop on a bike to work. Try public transportation, car sharing or see if you can manage to work from for the next couple of weeks.
Get an air purifier
air purifier An air purifier has become the most important purchase for any home today. It’s not just for the allergy sufferers and asthmatics anymore, everyone needs the safety net of an air purifier to make sure they’re breathing clean air.
Cover your face
mask If you’re going to step out, make sure you cover your nose and mouth with a mask. A handkerchief or a surgical mask is the most basic defence but it’s recommended to use a NP5 or N99 mask since they can effectively keep out dangerous airborne particles.

Stay safe!

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