Every Cool-Girl worth the stamps in her passport will have packed the bare essentials – headphones, selfie stick, bikini/bomber jacket (depending on whether the sun is shining at her destination). But here’s some more travel gear you don’t realise you need (yet) when you set out on your next journey.

Luggage TagLuggage tag

Before the airline slaps a fugly tag on your bag, mark your own territory with this funky addition. This Alice in Wonderland-inspired luggage tag will also help you identify you suitcase on a carousel full of look-alike bags.  

Passport Cover

passport coverLeave that hand-tooled leather case for grandpa. Instead pick this hip passport cover; with bright colours like these, you’ll never lose track of your little blue book, even if you dump it in the darkest corner of your handbag.  

Converter Plug

converter plugs A portable converter plug is a must when travelling abroad.  But why settle for boring black or white, when you can buy yourself an adorable cartoon plug. This travel gear is cute, handy, and will make for a great conversation starter.  

Travel Pillow

Funky travel gear pillow Check out this quirky head-rest. Still unconvinced about the need for a travel pillow?  

Secret Money Holder

Money holder

Carrying a secret fanny pack is very 1990s; instead upgrade to this cuff/secret money holder. It’s definitely pickpocket-proof.  

Handy Crumpled Map

travel mapFor the old-schooler who still likes carrying maps while walking through a new city, these crumpled maps are just the thing. No need to use it with caution, just squash or crush it and throw it in your bag. These crumpled maps are indestructible, soft, water-proof (in case you get caught in a downpour, maybe?) and can withstand rough usage.


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