Could we ever have enough technology at our home? The answer is no! The more the better is always the way to go when it comes to home technology. After all, doesn't it make life simpler?
Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer
philips air fryer
Very few things come close to that feeling your brain radiates when you shove a heap of oil fried French fries or heavenly strips of bacon in your mouth. Now, close your eyes and imagine having none of that. That would be hurtful and your world would come crashing down. Because chances are your loved ones are already warning you against consuming oil soaked fried food, because they are “bad” for your health. If that loved one happens to be your wife, you will have to listen. The point to pay attention to here, is that, something is better than nothing. Which is why you will head to amazon and buy this air fryer for your home. Why? Because the Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer will fry, grill, bake and roast all of your favourite food using no oil at all. Yes, pure magic. If you were us though, you’d add that teensy little teaspoon of oil, you know for the sake of flavour. Unless you are frying bacon, that thing doesn’t need anything to taste good.
An air fryer is great if you are a foodie but are conscious about eating healthy food. We at The Lalit use the air fryer too. It is used in our coffee shop as well. Rajeev Kumar, Jr. Sous Chef, Trendz, The Lalit
Aeroguard Clean Air GLO
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We humans are masters of destruction, you already know that, we thought so. However, some of us work real hard and create things to ensure the longevity of our beloved blue planet and its beings. Take this unassuming light bulb as an example. It fits into a regular socket but the moment you switch it on, its built-in ionizer releases negative ions in the air and boom, everything vaporizes. No that vapourising bit doesn’t really happen. But what does happen is that these negative ions that are released, hunt down pollutants that could be harmful for you and your home and destroy them. The product further purifies the air in your home by eradicating smoke, odour and airborne allergens. No, before you even ask, this home technology does not kill mosquitoes.
Kohler Moxie showerhead wireless speaker
moxie showerhead speaker
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Looks like you have had a bad day thanks to the rising traffic, coarse boss, pecking partner; the reasons could be many. All of that bad energy instantly vanishes into thin air, the moment you step into your shower, because you are a smart human being. You have no ordinary shower in your home, instead you have quite smartly installed a home technology that even plays your favourite tunes or a podcast of Nigella Lawson asking you to squeeze more lemon into that grilled chicken preparation you would later work on after your shower. The Moxie’s magnetic wireless speaker pairs wirelessly with Bluetooth ready devices like your smartphone / tablet in seconds and lets you play things you like to hear. Thanks to its simple snap on / off design, fitting or removing the thing is a stress-free process. Go on, channel that singer in you.  
Google Chromecast
google chromecast
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If you ask us, nothing beats the simplicity of Chromecast, the way it lets you be your lazy self at will. Play content from your smartphone? Check. View a presentation stored in your laptop on your TV screen? Check. This tiny little gadget is the best way to re-inject life into your TV that doesn’t support wi-fi capabilities. All you need is one with a HDMI port. Once connected, the setup process is as dumb and beautiful as using a TV set itself, our pet Iguana figured it out at the first go. It even supports Netflix, which means, when that service launches here (which should happen soon enough), you are sorted. Or you could share quality time with your granny, showing her the new trailer of Deadpool on the telly. We reckon she would love it. Also Read: Bust Your Midweek Blues with Our Tried N’ Tested Hump Day Survival Kit

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