As soon as kids grow up to make their own decisions, you know they're turning into little adults. From their food preferences to choice of friends, you will find you have little say in their personal matters as they grow up--and they grow up so fast! Before you know it, they are armed with the attitude of soon-to-be teenager and are already two steps ahead of you. The best way to keep up with your child is to keep up with the latest trends. We can't help you much with explaining Snapchat filters, but we can help you with the hottest fashion trends. Here are a bunch of outfit ideas for your too-cool-for-school child. Try these out and your kid might actually let you shop for them.

Diva in the Making

650-x-975_100001_300677028_060_3-8 No matter how much she grows up, your daughter will always remain your little princess. This summer-yellow skirt and white top combination is the ideal for her - the separates can be teamed with other clothes in her closet and, when worn together, the outfit packs a punch. Style Tip: Team with cute ballet flats like the ones with pompom detailing like above and cheeky accessories. Also read:  What to Wear: Kids' Outfits For Every Occasion

Skater Boy

650-x-975_100001_300677028_060_3-7 Boys grow up real quick and sometimes this means they grown out of the clothes you bought for them a couple of months back. Sticking to basics, therefore, is always a good option. He can never have enough graphic T-shirts and chinos, and you will thank yourself later for this wise shopping investment. Style Tip: Add a waistcoat to this combo to elevate the look and make it street-cool.

Make it Pop!

650-x-975_100001_300677028_060_3-6 Can your child look cute and cool at the same time? Why yes, she can with this T-shirt and shorts combo. The embellishments on the tee and the wrap-over detailing on the shorts make both separates statement pieces and the colour combination of grey and pink keeps it over-all understated with just the right dash of cuteness. Style Tip: Add a retro headband and sparkly shoes to raise the fun quotient of this outfit. Also read:  India’s Best Independent Artisanal Chocolatiers

Bringing Cool Back

650-x-975_100001_300677028_060_3-5 The thing about kids' clothes is that even the most unassuming of staples can have quirky details to make them fun. This otherwise simple chambray shirt has a mock backpack design in the back, replete with pockets (because you can never have enough of those!). When teamed with khaki chinos, the outfit is the very example of fun. Style Tip: High-top shoes and your champ's attitude are the only accessories needed here. Also read:  Health Wise: Why You Need to Upgrade to This Epic Water Purifying Technology Now Diva in the Making: On Nayantara: Top, Y&F by Westside; skirt, FG4 London; shoes, Yellow by Westside Skater Boy: On Kedar: T-Shirt, chinos and waistcoat, FG4 London Make it Pop: On Nayantara: T-Shirt, Westside; shorts, Westside; shoes, Yellow by Westside Bringing Cool Back: On Kedar: Shirt, FG4; chinos, Tales & Stories Stylist: Kavisa Rebello, Fashion assistant: Nicole Fernandes Team Fashot Producer: Sapna Sisodia; Photographer: Ssameer P Prabhu and Sagar Kale; Cinematographer: Aniket Choudhary and Prakash Singh; Stylist: Rasika Bhelekar and Anagha Pai; Hair and Make-up: Sheetal Pandit; Post Production: Sumedha Thakur; Studio Manager: Shakti Ambani; Line Producer: Sangeeta Padhi



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