Office desks are usually boring places where your Macbooks or PCs reside in solitude amongst stationary. Sure, you can deck the desk with tonnes of action figures, but apart from looking pretty, they just sit there coldly judging you with their plastic eyes as you secretly reddit. Here’s a novel idea, what if you get stuff from your favourite movies, comics, books and TV shows on your desk that actually have useful functions. This handy list of office desk accessories will help you breathe that pop culture life and personalise your desk, and make a difference.
R2D2 Bluetooth Speaker
r2d2 bluetooth speaker- office desk With Star Wars fever still buzzing in the air, this is a no-brainer of a buy. This Bluetooth speaker is an amazing replica of R2D2’s head, with the signature blue glow. Just pair your smartphone to it and enjoy some heavy metal riffs from the droid. There may not be stored holographic messages in there somewhere, of a princess in trouble in a galaxy far far away, but you can take calls (insert smiley here). Check it out  
Hyperkin Retron 5 Gaming System
retro reloaded- office desk Bring that old school Super Nintendo back into your life with the Hyperkin RetroN 5 gaming system, which has a series of cartridge slots that play NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, Game Boy Advance games. Adding new life to your collection, the Retron 5 looks wonderfully retro, and has an amazing controller that comes with it. Check it out  
My Arcade Retro Machine Gaming System
retro machine- office desk Bringing in that same nostalgia as the Retron 5, check the My Arcade Retro Machine that is a tiny compact arcade machine with a joystick and two buttons. Sits perfectly on your office desk, decked in very 80’s looking graphics straight out of TRON. Not only that, this thing works! With 200 arcade classics built in. The Retro machine uses 3 AAA batteries and features a vibrant 2.5 inch color display. This will sit innocently on your desk, and give you hours of arcade fun when your boss ain’t looking. Check it out  
Tardis Mini Fridge
tardis mini fridge- office desk Straight out of Dr. Who, this fridge takes the likeness of the time travelling alien’s spaceship, which is disguised as a police call booth. It is truly bigger on the inside, storing quite a few knick-knacks. Which it transports through time/space to a dimension that’s comprised of pure cold. Just kidding, it keeps your stuff cool. Check it out  
StarCraft Pylon USB Charger
star trek pylon- office desk One of the most recognizable units from one of the most popular games out there can now reside on your desk. The StarCraft II Protoss pylon unit, like it does for all the Protoss units, provides power from the Psionic Matrix field to your mobile devices. While charging your devices it also acts as a light, bathing your office desk stuff in a Protoss blue light. It has two USB ports and an on-off switch for the light. En Taro Adun! Check it out  
Iron Man Mark V Power Bank
iron man fuel cell- office desk Remember that Iron Man suit Tony Stark stores in a suitcase? Well you can get one of those - the suitcase, not the suit, to power your phone. Oh well, at least you know that whenever you need power, Tony Stark’s got your back with this prop replica. Packing in 12,000 mAh with two USB ports, one 5V @ 1amp and the other 5V at 2amp. When not in use, it’ll look quite snazzy lying on your office desk and will draw eyes when you whip it out in public… to charge your phone. Check it out  
Star Trek Phaser Remote Control
star trek phaser remote- office desk Set your phasers to stun... your friends, when you control your HDTV with this nifty Star Trek Phaser replica, which is a remote control in disguise. Comes in Phaser I and Phaser II variants in one package. That's not all, this is actually a gesture based universal remote. You will need to set it up, but it can store 36 programmable gestures with force feedback. You also get phaser sounds, 10 of them. The Phaser is made of die-cast metal and is rechargeable. If that isn’t enough, it comes in its own carrying case with a stand, an enterprise screwdriver, blade cover and an illustrated poster manual. Check it out  
Game of Thrones USB Drive
hand of the king usb- office desk A Lannister always saves his music… to plug into his car USB port to play his tunes. With these USB pendrives you can pledge your allegiance to the Starks of Winterfell or the Lannisters. All you need to do is connect your pendrive and “execute” any programs on it so many times you’ll make George R. R. Martin proud. Check it out Also Read: 7 Shows To Watch While You Wait For Game of Thrones To Return  
Darth Vader USB Hub
darth- office desk Let the Dark Lord of the Sith guard your USB devices, making sure the USB force is with you with 4 ports to plug your gadgets into. That’s not all, the head spins around, while Darth Vader’s eyes light evil red with a heavy breathing sound, that provides a much needed incentive to finish your work before the death choke hold takes over. Check it out  
Death Star Mood Light
death star mood light - office desk Complements your Darth Vader USB hub and your love life perfectly. Whisper sweet nothings to your loved one while being bathed in the light from the Death Star, or you can just use it as a handy office desk lamp. Perfect too for terrorising ants and other bugs, but just make sure none fly into the ventilation shafts and blows up the core by mistake. Comes with a transparent stand, giving the illusion of flight and a touch on and off feature. Check it out Also Read: Batman v Superman: Choose Your Side With The Strangest Merchandise Ever! Cover Image Courtesy: