Diabetes is a serious problem today, especially in India. According to government statistics, the prevalence of diabetes in the country has remained at 11.8% (combining known and unknown cases) over the last four years, which is significantly higher than the global average. This is worse in urban areas where it can even touch 14%.  

When left unchecked, diabetes can lead to many health issues like vision loss, and even cause heart disease. However, its effects can be controlled greatly just by sticking to certain habits. World Diabetes Day is observed on 14th November each year to generate awareness around how diabetes can be checked. This year, we’re looking at how technology can prove to be helpful for that. Here are some good habits for diabetics to have and how technology can help. 

Healthy eating 

As a condition, diabetes impacts an individual’s diet the most. Diabetics are supposed to cut down on fried food as much as possible and go for roasted, steamed and sautéed food. For situations where frying is unavoidable, using an air fryer can help cut down on oil intake. 

Physical activity

The right amount of exercise is proven to be beneficial for controlling diabetes. One should engage in activities like brisk walking, yoga and more. A diabetic can track their performance at these activities using a smartwatch.

A couple of tips – they should always ask their doctor about the exercises they can do, and always keep a quick carb snack during exercise. 

Stress management

Due to a chain reaction of hormones in the body, increased levels of stress can make blood sugar levels soar. De-stressing is very important for someone with diabetes. Meditation, soothing music and mood lighting are just a few ways to keep stress levels in check. 

Weight management 

Weight reduction is a challenge for people with type 2 diabetes due to the nature of the condition. However, staying at the right weight is very important for any diabetic person. 

A digital weighing scale at home can help them track their weight regularly and stay at the right weight once they reach there. 

Regular medication 

All the good habits that we’ve talked about can help during diabetes. However, medicines are also a crucial part of controlling the effects of the condition. Remembering when to take which medicine, and regularly checking your blood sugar level can feel like a task. Having a smart speaker handy can help you set up quick reminders, check your calendars for doctor’s appointments and much more. 

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