Taking a Summer vacation is almost like a ritualistic habit we can never grow out of no matter how old we get or how busy life seems to be. A week-long vacation to a sunny beach or a getaway to the cold hills seems like everyones go-to this time of the year. And we know all too well that with great travels come greater pictures. So, all we ask for is to show us how you are #GoingPlaces on Instagram/Facebook/ Twitter and you could win a Baggit bag worth up to Rs 3,000. In the meantime, you can ignite wanderlust among a bunch of other people who’ve yet to be smitten by the travel bug. To take part in this #GoingPlaces contest, post a stylish picture of yourself living the travel life and tag it with #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit. Share it on your social media page to be eligible for this contest. This contest begins on 20th May 2017 and ends on 21st May 2017. Five lucky participants win Baggit bags to carry around for their next big holiday. To get you started, here’s a peek at how our team has been #GoingPlaces this year. Bon voyage!
#GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Nicole: Soaking in some Goan sun #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Chelna livin' it up at an open air beer garden in Potsdam

Chelna: Livin' it up at an open air beer garden in Potsdam, Germany #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Miloni: High tides and good vibes at Mandwa Beach #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Miloni: Low tides but high vibes at Mandwa Beach #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Kavisa: Relaxing in the royal city of Udaipur #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Kavisa: Having a royal time in Udaipur #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Touristing in Dubai #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit

Vanessa: Touristing in Dubai #GoingPlaces @tatacliq @baggit