There are gadgets and appliances in our everyday lives that exist to make it easier and more comfortable. Your TV lets you consume your favourite content. Your washing machine takes care of your laundry for you. The air conditioner lets you adjust the temperature of your house to the perfect level for your preferences. All of these appliances, when used properly, do a fairly great job of improving your quality of life. Which is why, when they get the connected touch, your comfort hits a whole new level - which brings us to Connected Comfort.

Connected Comfort

Connected Comfort has been envisioned as that particular aspect of your connected home which is all about increasing the comfort quotient around your place. Switching your household appliances, gadgets and lighting with smart alternatives brings everything completely under your control. Additionally, it also adds a host of features that a non-smart set of devices lacks. Let’s take a look at some of the devices that fall into this category and their best features:

Smart AC

Even if you already own a great AC, no one is free from the wait-time that every AC makes you go through between when you turn it on and when the room is actually cool. Furthermore, you even have to worry about accidentally leaving the AC on when you leave the house. Doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it?

With smart ACs, these issues are of the past. A smart AC can be connected with its companion app, which usually allows you to schedule start/stop times as well. Some even support voice commands. This way, you can start it when you’re close to your home and walk into your room cooled to the perfect temperature.

Smart TV

Perhaps the most well-known segment of products here, a Smart TV is a must today. So much so, that there are popular devices out there that exist to bring smart features to your non-smart TV. But that’s a different product category altogether. A Smart TV, beyond giving you the services of a regular TV, is also internet-connected and lets you stream your favourite content from supported streaming platforms. Your connected Smart TV will also allow you to consume your smartphone content on a bigger screen, and might also come with support for smart assistants inbuilt, among other things. Gesture controls, video calls and universal search are also nice-to-have features that are slowly making their way into TVs.

Smart Lighting

The perfect way to set the right ambience in your home is to get smart lighting. Most smart lights boast a wide gamut of colour capabilities and this lets you customise the lighting of your room to every situation – watching a movie, having a house party, reading a book and more. Smart lights also allow you to adjust their brightness and even schedule their operations, essentially letting you pick exactly how and when to use them.

A connected group of smart lights can also be configured to work as a unit and respond to voice commands via smart assistants. Tell your Google Assistant to dim the lights and set them to a warm hue when you say ‘Good Night’, and let the smart devices take care of the rest.

Smart Washing Machine

A good washing machine already takes care of one of the most tedious aspects of your daily life. Adding the smarts to it makes it one of the most essential connected comfort devices to have. With a smart washing machine, you can go beyond the usual smart functionality of being able to turn on-and-off the machine remotely – you can also set it to run at a specific time. Perhaps timing it perfectly with the water supply or a time when no one is likely to get disturbed by the noise. Picking the right washing cycle is also usually supported by the relevant companion app. Another great thing about a smart washing machine is that it can tell you when something goes wrong so that you can fix it at the earliest.

Smart Headphones

While most of the devices discussed so far are focussed on easing a particular task in your life, a smart headphone will do something different. It will let you control all of these smart devices and more while you’re on the go. A headphone with Alexa or Google Assistant built-in, when connected to your account, lets you use voice commands to control every compatible smart device connected to the same account. Additionally, you can ask for relevant information, control music playback, access calendar and contacts and have the entire skillset of the particular assistant at your disposal, without having to reach for your phone.

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