With just 10 days left for Diwali, we can imagine festive prep must be beginning in full swing at your homes. Your to-do lists might read something like – clean home, buy decorations, make sweets, shop for gifts, organize the puja, set up the lights and so on. Now that’s one long list and truth be told, we know 10 days aren’t good enough even if your mother disagrees. Between work and making sure you look your festive best, completing the rest of these chores can be a daunting task when you’re left to do it on your own. So, why don’t you get some help? In the last two years or so, many Indian cities have seen the rise of concierge services that have taken over people’s everyday tasks and chores. If you haven’t yet tried them out, this Diwali seems like a perfect season to outsource your work to them.
Urban Clap
cleaners Can we all agree that the most tedious task before Diwali is home cleaning. You can bend you back and toil all weekend and you may still end up missing a spot. Skip all that this year and let the experts leave your home spotless. At Urban Clap you can pick trained cleaners of your choice or even opt for their Diwali special package that includes a host of services for all your sanitization needs. Check them out  Also Read: App Like a Mumbaikar: 7 Apps to Make Life Easy in the City
Task Bob
painters You can ignore that leaking tap and chipping paint all year long but you know it won’t go unnoticed during the festive week when your parents and friends come visiting. Don’t let these petty things embarrass you, head to Task Bob to hire a handyman to fix your house in time. Check them out  
Task Mitra
rangoli Now housework aside, there are still a bunch of tasks that don’t exactly fit a category but need urgent attention during Diwali. For instance, you might need someone to make an elaborate rangoli at your workplace or you might need a pundit for a last minute puja. Other things like hiring a designer to make handmade greeting cards or a personal assistant to help organize a Diwali party are all very common necessities during this season. Finding them though can be difficult. Instead of scrolling through your contacts and asking people around, you can log on to Task Mitra and post a Task for whatever you want and you’ll find a Mitra to do it for you. Check them out  
make up It doesn’t get any more obvious than this, at this website you can hire trained Timesaverz for all your home service needs so that you can use your time to do better things. Like many other concierge websites, you can find handymen, cleaners, laundry services, beauty experts and house décor professionals who’ll set your place right for the festival. Check them out  
cleaning Housejoy also offers special Diwali packages for house cleaning services. They encourage you to gift yourself the joy of walking into a spotlessly clean house this festive season without you or your loved ones having to move a finger. Right from tiding your house to setting lights and decoration, opt for their services so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Check them out  
delivery When you’re too busy, you can’t run around picking up sweets and fire crackers all day. That’s when you could use Russsh’s delivery and pickup services. They’re careful and trustable with your deliverables and can be booked any time. Check them out So go ahead and check out all these concierge services. If they’re in your city you can outsource all your Diwali chores to them while you step aside and enjoy all the festive fun with your family and friends. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com; Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com