As far as technology conferences go, Computex in Taiwan rarely has anything in it for filthy ‘casuals’. Dedicated almost exclusively to personal computing technology, it is a homing beacon of sort for hardcore gamers to get of their couches and get out their wallets. We decided to check out this year's Computex and here are a few highlights that left us salivating.
Thinking out of the box
computex Although it looks more like a chemical experiment than a computer, this is quite literally a gamer’s wet dream. Built with an extreme cooling system that will make the North Pole seem balmy in comparison, this rig is evidence of the fact if you spend too much time thinking outside the box, you’ll forget what a box even looks like.
Because who uses box-shaped computers anymore
computex This futuristic-looking weapon is actually a computer – with a fairly unambiguous emphasis on gaming. If you’re wondering whether it can also run MS Excel, the answer is yes. But the point of the design is to make you forget the question.
Indoor skydiving anyone?
computex Now that the power of virtual reality has turned sky diving into an indoor sport, dedicated gamers get yet another reason to avoid leaving their basement.
Is it a bird, is it a plane? Wait it's just you
computex If wearing your underwear over your pants wasn’t enough to convince the people of your city that you’re a good-natured alien crime-fighter, some flying lessons might do the trick. Remember though, unlike Clark Kent, you stop being Superman the moment you take the eye gear off.
Realistic game simulators
computex We hear this particular World War II simulation was so realistic, this poor man spent the rest of the day mourning his fallen mates and muttering about how he’d found Jesus in a foxhole. Cover Image via, Story Images by the Author