Isolation is not the human way of life – and the same applies to the way we use things, especially electronics. For example, look at any modern kitchen. It comprises of multiple appliances that serve their own purpose in your cooking process. Even your personal devices need a set of accessories to fulfil their potential. While these collections of devices and accessories can be bought separately, that doesn’t really sound like the smartest thing to do, right? After all, if your gadgets can be smart, so can you, and the platform you shop from. On that note, we’ve curated and launched combos on Tata CLiQ so that you can shop at ease – and save up while you’re at it. Here are three different types of combos that you might like.

Camera & Lens + Headphones Combos

A camera and its accessories are inseparable. Without the right lenses, a DSLR is far from reaching its full potential. So, pairing together a camera and a lens is obvious. However, when trying to get the perfect shot, you always require absolute focus and cannot afford any distractions. A wireless headphone can be great in this situation.
When you get a call when trying to get that perfect shot, instead of taking your phone out, you can receive the call directly on the headphone. You can also control your music without having to look away from the frame.

Smartwatch + Cycling Computer Combos

With the easy accessibility of fitness trackers, you’ll find many people around you owning one. However, fitness enthusiasts want more than basic data like step count and sleep tracking. The right combo of devices can help track statistics across activities like walking, running, cycling and more.
Garmin is no new name in the world of fitness and activity trackers. If you prefer a tough and durable smartwatch that can deal with the elements and offers more sensors, go with the Instinct range. On the other hand, the Forerunner makes for a great smartwatch on a budget.
With either of the picks, the Edge 130 bike computer makes for a great combo for tracking cycling activity. It has a great display, can track multiple stats, navigation features and even smart features like alerts from your phone.

Explore more such combos on Tata CLiQ.

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