Mumbaikars are (in)famous for acting as though the world beyond their city’s limits doesn’t matter at all. Which makes complete sense when you consider how much Mumbaikars lack perspective. Consider this, for instance: yesterday was Mumbai’s coldest day of the winter season. At its coldest, temperatures dropped to 13.6 degrees centigrade in the early hours of the morning before the sun beat back the cold. The cold wave, however, could not stand up to the absolute tidal wave of conversation and complaints that this year’s winter has brought along with it. From the way people speak about the cold in Mumbai, you’d think that it’s a frozen tundra. So, here, our Mumbai friends, is a brief glimpse into what’s considered winter to the North of your fair city.  

Man, My Room Was So Cold Last Night, I Had To Put The Fan On 2!

Have To Run The Geyser Now Or I’ll Freeze In The Shower

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I Swear I Saw Frost On The Grass This Morning!

Dude, It Was So Cold I Had To Roll Up The Car Windows Last Night

Arrey, That’s Nothing, My Car Took 2 Whole Minutes To Start Today

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Bro, I Had To Wear Socks And Sleep Last Night

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Can’t Even Go Out On My Balcony, It’s So Cold

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You Western Line People Shouldn’t Complain. Powai Lake Area Is Freezing!


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