A shot of caffeine may set you off on an energetic start, but the empty calories in coffee won’t do your body much good. Instead, loading up with the right nutrients in the morning will ensure you have the stamina to power through the rest of your day. Replacing your morning coffee with some fresh cold-pressed juice will inject you with the maximum nutrients. Unlike regular juices, cold press juices contain concentrated amounts of minerals and vitamins that will benefit you in many ways. Also Read: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Juicer

What Makes Cold-Pressed Juice Healthier?

Cold-pressed juice is specifically made in a cold press juicer, also known as a slow juicer. The juicing method used by this juicer is what makes all the difference. Traditional juicers use fast-moving metal blades for juice extraction, which generates a lot of heat that oxidizes the nutrients, thus rendering your concoction less healthy. Cold-pressed juicers do not produce much heat during the juicing process, which keep the nutrients and antioxidants intact in the juice. This method of juicing helps retain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. However, with great benefits comes a steep price tag too. Bottled cold-pressed juices can be expensive, especially if you want to integrate a glass of healthy juice into your daily morning routine. Therefore, owning your own cold-pressed juicer can turn out to be a wise decision.

Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juicer

Undoubtedly, cold-pressed juicing is the healthiest way to consume juice. Here are a few other reasons to consider buying a cold-pressed juicer.
  • A cold-pressed juicer gives you the maximum yield. You get more juice from the produce.
  • Apart from the quality, the taste of cold-press juice is also pretty good, as it is the closest to the natural taste.
  • Cold-pressed juice has a long shelf-life, unlike any other juices. It can be sealed and stored for 72-hours and will still retain the quality and taste.
  • This juice has good consistency as it retains more pulp and fibre.
  • This kitchen appliance works well to juice not only fruits and vegetables but also leafy greens, without making a mess.
  • Apart from juicing, it can be used for making nut butter, nut milk and baby food.
What we’re saying is, a cold-pressed juicer might be expensive to begin with but if you want any serious health benefits from your juice, this is the only way you should be having it. Also Read: These Elegant Pieces from Global Desi Are Perfect For the Bohemian In You Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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