Do all your saved files go straight to your Desktop? Is your idea of cutting the clutter just dragging all your recent files to a new folder on your Desktop and then repeating this activity every week until your screen is a series of new folders with unrecorded data scattered at random? Then this third week of October may be particularly helpful to you since it’s Clean Your Desktop Day or week, as we know this isn’t just a day long task. This unusual holiday was created back in 2010 by the Personal Computer Museum in Bradford, Ontario, Canada to encourage people to organize their Desktops. Also Read: 10 Geek Toys to Add a Dash of Pop Culture to Your Desk And there’s some realistic thinking behind it too. Like our real lives, our computers and Desktops end up being cluttered by useless and unimportant files. Being confronted by such a mess everyday can affect people negatively. It can be such a motivation-killer and cause you to be unproductive. Also, did you know that all the files saved on the Desktop use up the operating memory? The more the operating memory is used, the slower will your system get. And we all know how daunting that can be. The best way to avoid this is to create a separate folder or several depending on the type of the file in your ‘My Documents’ folder or somewhere in your drives. Then, simply create a shortcut on your Desktop for the folders you use frequently. This won’t use up the operating memory but will give quick accessibility. Now that you are on clean-up duty, you might as well take some time to organize the mess. Create designated folders for work based on the project or dates. Having your pictures, movies and music well-kept will make you revisit them cheerfully. If there’s way too much data you’ve been hoarding in that one machine, learn the art of deleting or invest in a good hard disk that can take over some of this load. Also Read: The Best Storage Devices For Every Need A minimalistic desktop is a great view to have. That rising sun wallpaper that was previously covered with tons of icons will now be refreshing enough to greet you every morning you turn your system on. Cover Image Courtesy: