Isn’t is baffling how people in most parts of America and Europe just turn on their water faucets and pour themselves a glass of ready-to-drink water? As for us in India, such luxuries are a distant dream or even an impossible one. When we’re away from our own water filters at home, we have to rely on bottled water at all times. But what if you’re trekking through a mountain or stuck in a place where you have no access to bottled water? Dehydration is not an option nor is fetching some water from the nearby lake. Or, is it? That’s when water purifier bottles come handy. These bottles are designed to filter water and extract away the impurities from it. Water collected from open water sources or even a tap in your own home is highly contaminated. It is usually laden with chemical compounds, bacteria, parasites and even viruses. Consuming such water can cause acute stomach pain and infection.

How can this purifier help?

Most water purifier bottles are equipped with filters such as the UV and carbon filters that use powerful ultraviolet light and a layer of activated carbon to remove contaminations and eliminate impurities. The water that you get after the filtration also tastes better since it is now cleansed of the harmful particles and chemicals.

Why it makes for the perfect travel buddy?

Water purifier bottles can help fix you up cleaner drinking water wherever you are. It is lightweight and portable. You can use water from a tap or a flowing stream to fill it up and quench your thirst with safe drinking water. They are also reliable and affordable. It a much cheaper option than relying on bottled water for a week long trip. Also Read: 7 Must-Have Essentials for Your Next Hike Additionally, plastic bottles that we use and discard so easily are a hazard to the environment. Billions of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year and they take centuries to fully degrade. So as a favour to the environment and your travel budget, consider investing in a water purifier bottle that can help you filter tap water to safe and drinkable water whenever you want.

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