Titan has unveiled its Grandmaster collection, a series of watches whose design has been inspired by the game of chess. Each piece comes with an intricate dial featuring multiple complications, chess-inspired detailing and at times is made from unique materials, including wood.

The collection veers towards the classic in terms of design and can easily be worn to work or an important occasion.

We’ve picked our top 5, which are high on functionality and design.

The Knight

This classic dual-tone watch features additional design elements that are inspired by the moves the knight is allowed to make on the chess board. The dial features day, hour and minute complications; the odd-numbers are displayed in Roman numerals. What’s interesting to note is that the second hand features the Knight which adds an interesting look to this sleek silver watch.

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The King

This bold dual-tone chronograph with it’s unique bracelet design is inspired by one of the game’s most powerful pieces, the King. It features multiple complications, including dates, minutes, hours and sounds counters. The dial is layered with wooden detailing.

The Queen

Featuring a titanium bezel and a multi-layered dial with a chequered pattern, the inspiration for this watch comes from the most versatile chess piece, The Queen. It also features authentic dark wood detailing and a multi-function movement.

The Grandmaster

This watch design is inspired by the champion of the game, The Grandmaster. Powered by a Japanese skeletal automatic movement, this watch also features a bezel decorated with authentic Sapele wood.

The Rook

The design on the dial and the centre links of the strap resemble the Rook chess piece. The unique design of the bezel ring too is inspired from the crown of the Rook making it an interesting timepiece.

The Bishop

Inspired by the Bishop chess piece, the unique 3D pattern on the dial is inspired by the Bishop's diagonal move on the chess board.  The second hand also features the Bishop.

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