It’s been a whole year since Instagram launched their Stories feature – a move which opened up a whole new era of face filters and cat videos. In an official announcement on their blog, the team released some of the facts and figures behind Stories’ continued growth. The one thing that caught our eye was the top five location tags of the last year. While there’s no doubt as to whether or not these are beautiful cities to visit, the order in which they appear might surprise you.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesian capital come out as the clear leader of the Insta game. No other city in the world has as many geo location tags as Jakarta. It seems that the good people of Indonesia just can’t get enough of their daily photo-sharing fix. Like this article? Also read: 7 New Items from Jack & Jones to Wear This Season

São Paulo, Brazil

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It’s not that surprising that Sao Paulo made the list ahead of other Brazilian cities, considering that it’s the most populated city in Brazil as well as in the entire southern hemisphere. Combine that with the fact that Brazilians are the third-largest national group on Insta, and you’ve got a perfect storm of geotagging.

New York City, USA

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The Big Apple may only be third on this list, but the city can take comfort in the fact that tourists will flock there and eagerly tag the city in all the photos they’ll be sharing for years to come. Like this article? Also read: Health Wise: Why You Need to Upgrade to This Epic Water Purifying Technology Now

London, UK

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London was definitely going to make this list, but we’re still a little surprised that it’s only fourth. If English attitudes are anything to go by, the hesitance to tag the location in their stories probably stems from that famous understated Britishness everyone seems to adopt when they’re in sombre London.

Madrid, Spain

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The Spanish capital has some truly iconic tourist spots and is a mecca for football fans across the world, who flock to Madrid to catch a glimpse of their heroes. While Barcelona might be considered a hotspot of tourism, there’s no denying that Madristas are incredibly proud of where they come from. How good is your camera phone? Maybe it’s time you upgraded to one these, seen below. Like this article? Also read: Explore Chennai With… Comedian Aravind Subramanian Cover Image Courtesy:



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