Christmas is a mere twelve days away, and we can’t keep calm! This festive week is going to be all about decorating the house, shopping for gifts and planning some delicious meals. Right now, we’re going to focus on that last bit. Cooking for Christmas is fulfilling, but not easy. Unless you know how to make the most of what you have in your kitchen. For instance, there’s a ton of easy but tasty stuff you can cook up with a rice cooker. Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favourite rice cooker recipes to convince you.

Balsamic Dijon Chicken with Farro & Mushrooms

The easiest Christmas recipes are those that give you an entire meal from one pot. This scrumptious meal uses a slow cooking grain that is perfect for the flavours of the ingredients to be absorbed by the chicken. Try it out from here.  

Rice pudding

It is the time of desserts, and what can be better than a dessert that requires minimal manual intervention. All you need are four basic ingredients and a refrigerator. Check it out here.  

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate could be declared as the official flavour of Christmas. When it comes to this cake, it can be enjoyed even by vegans as there’s no milk or eggs involved. Just an hour of your time, here’s how.  


Making your favourite Italian dish with barely getting your hands dirty – could Christmas cooking get any better? You can pick any risotto recipe you love and follow the process here.

Banana Bread

Need something sweet for quick meals while you wait for the 25th? Banana bread is an all-time favourite and now you can bake it up in a rice cooker – just follow the steps here.

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