We’re talking about that one person who’d rather call you over and cook you a nice meal than accompany you to a restaurant. Home cooks love their time in the kitchen. Cooking is not a chore, it is a hobby and a passion to these kitchen lovers. Knowing someone like that is pretty good because they keep you well-fed and it’s really a no-brainer when it comes to buying them Christmas gifts. You can almost be sure that they will love these personal and practical gifts for their kitchens.

For the Baker

Stand mixer

KitchenAid 5KSM150PSBCZ 300-W Stand mixer Golden Nectar
Whether they’re making cakes, cookies or pies, each recipe calls for a lot of mixing. If you’ve ever tried using a hand mixer, you’ll know the kind of effort and patience it takes to mix and blend the batter. Save them this extra effort by giving them a stand mixer. This mixer allows for hands-free use. Just add in the ingredients and leave this gadget to blend them for you. With its multiple accessories, you can use it to knead pizza dough and mash potatoes too.

Bread maker

wonderchef bread maker
That slice of freshly baked warm bread, made by your favourite home cook is a heart-warming delight. But did you know it’s taken a whole lot of effort and energy to knead the bread before it was placed in front of you. Buy them a bread maker this Christmas, so that making bread won’t be such a herculean task. You can add in the ingredients and choose from the 19 pre-programmed options (from gluten-free to multigrain breads) and the machine will do the rest. Also Read: Watches And Bags For The Party Season

For the Master Chef

Ultimate hand blender

Whirlpool Ultimate Collection 77014 800 Watt Hand Blender
For home cooks who love to experiment in the kitchen, this unique ultra-modern hand blender will be the perfect buddy. It can slice, shred, shake, whisk, whip, knead, chop and grind whatever’s on the ingredient list.

Table Grill

Philips HD441920 2300W Table Grill Black
Someone who’s truly passionate about cooking will like this grill plate that is designed for various cooking techniques. You can use it to grill as well as stir-fry your food on its dual, ribbed and smooth surface. It also has an adjustable thermostat that lets you control the temperatures accordingly, when cooking meats or veggies.

For the Health Foodie

Cold press juicer

Wonderchef Cold Press Slow Compact Juicer
A healthy foodie is surely going to appreciate this cold press juice. This one stands out from all the other kinds of juicers because of its juice extracting technique. Unlike a regular juicer, this one is made with a hydraulic press that uses the force of thousands of pounds to extract maximum liquid from the vegetable or fruit. There is no heat or oxidization involved, thus, making sure most nutrients are retained in the juice. Also Read: Not All Juicers Are the Same, Which One’s Perfect for You?

Air fryer

Philips HD922020 Air Fryer Black
The air fryer is a kitchen gadget that encourages healthy eating. It would make a good gift for someone who likes to live and eat healthy. The air fryer is a gadget that fries food with little or no oil at all. It uses rapid air technology to fry food. You can use it too fry those same delicious chips, nuggets, chicken wings, croquettes etc. sans the oil and fats.