Not everything that’s fun comes with a “bad for you” tagline. Just like kids and their video game time. There’s been a lot of criticism about how they can have a negative influence on a kid. But if you as a parent have gone through the initial age-check barrier, the rest of the gaming experience is proven to have quite a few benefits for your children. In fact, a study proves that even violent ones help kids develop certain important emotional and intellectual skills among many others. Here’s the lowdown on the various other benefits (starting with bringing smiles to their face) of allowing your kids to some mindful video game time.
Improved focus
While you may complain that your kid stops paying attention to the rest of the world once the game begins, this is actually a good sign because this only goes to say how well-focused they are on the game in front of them. Brain scans show that kids who play regularly are efficiently able to filter out distractions and concentrate on the work on hand.
Improves problem-solving skills
Games have always known to tickle those grey cells. Isn’t that the reason why we were presented board games like monopoly and chess as kids. Similarly, puzzle and role-playing video games can build problem-solving skills. Studies point that kids who play such games show improved skills in three key areas of planning, organisation and flexible thinking. Also Read: Why Assassin’s Creed is One of the Best Action-Adventure Games of All Time
Reduces stress
Some low-key games like Mario brother and angry birds don’t take much effort and are a great way to relax. They are easy to win and level up quickly too thus boosting one’s mood and encouraging them to keep striving.
Can be educational
Many video games today use historic happenings as their base setting and strategize the plot based on real facts. Games like the Assassin’s Creed series and The Saboteur have a lot of historical context that give kids a glimpse into how the past looked and felt. Also Read: iPad Games for Those Curious Kids
Improved vision and motor skills
The multiplexity of video games requires you to be constantly attentive. Games have a way to keep you on your toes. You have to be on the lookout for enemies or health potions and be ready for combat at any time. This challenges your vision and motor skills. Allowing your kids to play video games will not only make them happy but benefit their health. Once you both agree on a time limit, everything will work out just fine between you, your kid and the video games.