You’ll never be too old to enjoy a good game of Scrabble or Pictionary - they're classics. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot effort to get your hands on these nostalgia-inducing games. They're going through a digital revival, where the best of them are being customised for your phone, to give you the same experience without having to get everybody together in one room or make more shelf space for another box. As an ode to Games Day (yes, it’s a real thing) observed on December 20 and created to celebrate the goodness of traditional games and remind people to take a break and have some fun, we give you five board games from your childhood that you can now play on your phone.

Monopoly Here & Now

The classic game of Monopoly now comes alive as an animated 3D board game that lets you travel the world, visit iconic landmarks, collect tokens, buy cities and stock up on money. You can play this game with your friends by linking your devices or play it in single player mode too. You can also play it on your big screen TV by connecting your TV with a Chromecast and then using your smartphone or tablet as a controller. Download: Android, iOS Also Read: 5 Things You Can Do with Your Chromecast, Other Than Stream Movies


There’s nothing that stimulates the mind like a good battle of words on a Scrabble board. Carry your battlefield wherever you go with the Scrabble phone app. You can challenge your friends all day, every day, wherever you are; and when you’re done playing with them, you can pick a match with random opponents from around the world. Download: Android, iOS


If you’re looking for a fun party game for your holiday get-togethers, here’s something that will have everyone hooked. Digital Pictionary is just as fun as the old-school game, minus the real canvas and pencil. Channel your artistic skill and let your audience endure the guess work. Winning in this game will reward you more than just points, you can level up to get better access to brushes and new colours. Download: Android, iOS

Scotland Yard

Remember the tricky case of Mister X, on a run from the Scotland Yard? Relive this classic game as one of the five clever agents hunting him or step into Mister X’s shoes as you escape into the heart of London’s nightlife with this digital version of the game. The game has a single and multiplayer mode, so that you can enjoy the game by yourself or with friends too. Download: Android, iOS


A good game of Checkers can be challenging and addictive at the same time. With the game on your phone, you can play against a friend or AI and choose from five levels of difficulty. There’s nothing more to be said about this game, it is exactly like your childhood board game but with better graphics and animation. Download: Android, iOS Also Read: The Best Running Shoes For Your Next Marathon Cover Image Courtesy: