We’re smack dab in the middle of CES week, which means there have already been a lot of exciting announcements from tech companies. One of the most significant tech events in the world, in its history of more than fifty years the show has a history of revealing transformative tech. Home VCR, CD Players, iconic gaming consoles like the NES and PlayStation, Oculus Rift and more - the list of iconic announcements at CES can go on. With cutting edge consumer tech on display, this year's edition is no different. Here's a quick overview of the most interesting arrivals.

A ball to protect your house

We've seen a fair share of robotic companions developed for various purposes over the years at CES. However, this year Samsung has announced their development in the area with Ballie.

Ballie, a security robot from Samsung

Ballie is a concept device that can roam around your house watching for intruders, movement, spills and more. When it detects any of the above, it can send you an alert and even communicate with other smart home devices to solve certain problems immediately.  

4K is Ok because 8K is here

TVs are having an exciting year at CES. LG has announced 8K models for 2020, eight in total, as well as a new Real 8K quality standard.

LG Nano 9 Series 75 inch Class

A range of OLED and NanoCell models will bring 8K to homes with LG. Similar models have also been announced by Samsung, Sony and more. Samsung has also announced the massive 292-inch The Wall television.

A harness to read your dog

Inupathy harness from Langualess measures the pet's heart rate to judge whether your puppy is relaxed, excited, happy, interested or stressed out and then lets you know by changing colours.

A printer to cover facial spots

Proctor & Gamble has announced the Opte handheld printer that uses a camera to find dark spots on your skin. Once it has found one, it deposits tiny droplets of a facial serum to treat it or cover it up.

Opte handheld printer


Your flying Uber

Hyundai has developed an air-taxi concept for Uber Elevate, the upcoming urban aerial-mobility service from Uber. Hyundai Urban Air Mobility SA-1 includes five seats and can cruise between 1000 and 2000 feet.

A car from Avatar

Designed by Mercedes in partnership with James Cameron, the creator of Avatar, the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR fits right into the universe of the Avatar movie.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The car has been designed to sense your pulse and breathing to form a 'symbiotic relationship' with you.

Cameras that you can't see

This is the first time OnePlus took to the stage at CES. They displayed their first concept smartphone, the OnePlus Concept One.

OnePlus Concept One

The phone features an electrochromic glass cover over its rear cameras that can switch between transparent and translucent as required.

Laptops that are tablets too

If you had just gotten used to foldable phones, prepare yourself for all-screen foldable laptops. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is a Windows laptop that can be used as a tablet or with an optional magnetic keyboard.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold


Virtual assistants are getting handy

While there are multiple options available, Google has maintained a slight edge over competitors in virtual assistants for your internet-connected devices. At CES this year, the company's announcements were also about the Assistant and its new features. Later this year, it will be able to read webpages, schedule actions, pin a note to its smart displays, and even forget accidental commands.

Assistant will be able to pin notes to smart displays

We’ll be updating this page as new announcements roll in, so stay tuned. To explore the latest in technology that you can get right now, check out TATA CLiQ. Like this story? Also read: The best smartphones launching soon Image Courtesy: Shutterstock