Team Tata CLiQ attended CES 2018, the biggest tech show of the year, and came back with after experiencing the some of the coolest tech we will see in the future.  To sum it up, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was like an entire season of Black Mirror coming alive right in front of them, said Suharika Karri, marketing manager for electronics.
It was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. - Suharika Karri
Here’s a look at the gadgets and technologies that inspired Team Tata CLiQ at CES 2018. Ready to take a peek into the (near) future?

Philips SmartSleep

Philips smartsleep We’ve already heard of sleep monitors in the form of bands but Philips took this concept much further by creating a wearable head device that not only monitors your sleep but also regulates it.  This device analyses the user’s sleep stages and loops in pulses in line with the sleep cycles in order to optimise deep sleep in the minimum time that the persons sleeps. This innovative tech is targeted at people with busy lives who don’t even manage to put in six hours of sleep. It makes sure that such people go through all the cycles of a sound sleep in whatever amount of time the person actually snoozes. Also Read: Top Tech Launches In 2018 That Will Make You Go Weak in The Knees


Polaroid CES 2018 also saw the revival of the nostalgic Polaroid, 40 years since the original Polaroid OneStep camera was introduced to us. Since then the Polaroid has turned into a pop culture icon and now with the launch of OneStep 2, Polaroid is set to enthral a whole new generation.

Harman Kardon embedded audio in a massage chair

harman kardon Harman Kardon revealed several smart speakers at CES 2018. One such smart speaker was embedded into a massage chair. This might not seem like much of a tech advancement but Team Tata CLiQ enjoyed this little luxury. With this combination, you get an amazing massage while you relax listening to music through these speakers placed near your ear that also cut out all the background sounds.

Smart Home Gadgets

ac Smart home gadgets were all over this year. Almost every audio company had a smart speaker that could integrate with Google Home or Alexa or devices from major electronic companies. Samsung and LG had all sorts of smart electronics ranging from speakers to TVs and washing machines, ACs and refrigerators too.

Thinnest TVs

thinnest tv This year was all about which brands make the thinnest TV. Samsung, LG, TCL, CNC, Sony and many more competed to present their smart and slim TVs. But LG went one step ahead and made it flexible too! While the concept is still in the making, they did have a sample version of a 65" rollable display TV.

Sony's Aibo

aibo Sony’s adorable new robot Aibo is a pet dog. It's powered by AI that learns each day. It remembers who talks to it the most and reacts to them accordingly. If three people enter the room at the same time, it goes to greet the person who attends to Aibo the most, like any other pet dog. It fetches and barks as well.

Razer’s Project Linda

Razer Razer launched a powerful gaming smartphone not too long ago and at CES 2018 they presented Project Linda, which is an ultraportable mod laptop powered by the Android-based Razer phone. To simply put it, there’s an open slot in the spot of the track pad where the phone has to be docked. It then turns into an intelligent touchpad that combines the phone’s display, performance and speakers seamlessly with the large screen, keyboard and battery of the laptop to give you the ultimate mobile hybrid setup. This brings together the experience of a handheld entertainment and the convenience of the laptop. You can read more about Project Linda here. Also Read: These Are the Biggest Reveals from CES 2018 That Blew Our Mind