The biggest tech show on the planet was a whole lot bigger this year and here are the announcements and launches that grabbed our attention. ces 2017 roundup First up, Faraday Future finally had something to show off for real at CES 2017. The company unveiled their FF 91 prototyped and the showgoers dropped their jaws all the way to the floor. The reasons were many. Like the way it looks, like it's been plucked from the future and not to mention it is ridiculously quick, at least going by the demo they did on the show grounds. The FF 91 clocked a mind-numbing 2.3 seconds for a 0 - 100km/h dash! If all goes well and if the company does manage to amass the required funding, we might see a road legal version in a couple of years. Future Faraday has a long way to but we sure are excited.   ces 2017 roundup Things on two wheels too were more than exciting as Honda unveiled their Riding Assist motorcycle, a bike capable of self-balancing itself. The company makes use of research from the UniCub mobility scooter and Asimo robot, ensuring that the bike stays vertical without any help from the rider. As far as safety goes, we believe this could be a massive step forward. On of the premier things that scares potential riders away from investing in a motorbike is the bit where they think they will topple and crash. With Honda’s new tech, that might soon be a thing of history.   ces 2017 roundup While most smartphone launches are reserved for Mobile World Congress, no CES is complete without the announcement of some cutting edge smartphones, and this year was no different. However, two of them were truly remarkable. First is the Honor 6X which offers top-notch specs and promises a two-day battery life. It features a 5.5in screen, Full HD display and packs a Kirin 655 processor on the inside. A fingerprint scanner and quick charging come as standard too. We’ve been rather impressed with Honor’s recent offerings as far as smartphones go. Now, with the launch of the 6X for 250USD, it literally teases competition in the face.   ces 2017 roundup The second device is the Asus ZenFone AR which packs in a SnapDragon 821 chipset, 8 gigs of RAM and three camera sensors for the epic shot.  The 5.7 in AMOLED display looks slick and this is one the first devices that will sport Google’s Tango OS. While handling Tango-powered AR will be a child’s play for this phone thanks to its precisely arranged cameras, the ZenFone AR also supports Daydream VR right out of the box. Exciting times ahead? Absolutely!   ces 2017 roundup Imagining CES without a massive gaming related launch is like walking into a comedy club late and not get picked on by the stand-up comedian. The one product that absolutely locked us on was the Razer Project Valarie which sports a three-screen setup. Err, a bit of detail we forgot to mention is that each of the screens feature a 4K display, meaning you get to game in 12K glory! It may never make it to the stores but it’s never late to imagine things.   ces 2017 roundup Apart from these main launches the other honourable mentions that caught our attention was the LG Signature W OLED TV (absolutely stunning), with its 2.5mm thin frame. You can literally hang the TV on your wall like a painting. We also are excited about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 hybrid Micro Four Thirds camera that packs in 4K video recording@60fps, image stabilisation, programmable focus racks, and support for 10-bit capture. Now all you need is a holiday to put this baby to good use!