Though it’s been more than a decade since we last bought or played a CD, we still cherish those old cases with precious music from the 80s and 90s. There are just too many memories when it comes to those good old days of CDs and CD players. Sure, the music has gotten easier access now but there are a ton of things we’ll miss about them. This CD player day, let’s rewind and playback all the reasons why those CD playing days were the best.
Spending endless hours in music stores
music shop Walking through aisles and aisles of racks filled with CDs was as fulfilling for us 90s kids as walking through a bookstore is to a bibliophile. Also Read: These 15 Nintendo Games Are Giving Us All Some Serious Blast from The Past Nostalgia
Collecting albums
collecting albums Downloading music has gotten so easy that it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment anymore. You can no longer leave your collection on display for your friends to muse about.
Selling OG CDs for date nights
date There was no bigger loss than parting with your precious Michael Jackson album because #Priorities. Music just seemed so much more precious back then.
The sweet joys of making a mixed tape
mixed tape There’s hardly any fun making a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music for your sweetheart. Now choosing 12 special songs and going through the effort of burning a CD just made it so much cuter.
Finding your music soulmate
music soulmate It took five minutes to judge a person by their music collection and decide if you wanted to be friends with them or not.
Collecting art alongside
artwork With great albums came their amazing cover artworks. They always made for such good collectibles.
…and the lyrics and liner notes too
lyrics Consider them your little souvenirs from the band. Also Read: Hipster Gift Guide: 5 Gadgets for Your Hipster Pal
Signed CDs
mixed tape Managing to get a signed CD was such a big moment! Not even taking a selfie with the artist can bring you the same amount of joy of having those rare signed copies. Cover Image Courtesy:; Images via