What makes George Clooney and Imran Khan look effortlessly cool wherever in the world they are is their personal style. Both style icons share one thing in common – their sartorial choices walk the line between old-world classic and new-age understated. This is the rule of thumb to follow if you’re on the path to find your style identity. Upgrade your closet with these casual button downs that suggest you’re winning at adulthood.  

Cool Blue

01 casual shirts luxury
  Throw it over linen pants or wear it with khaki chinos, this blue button-down works either way. It’s subtle pinstriped pattern is work appropriate when it is time to pull out the smart casuals but when you roll up the sleeves and dress it down with espadrilles, you’re vacation-ready in a jiff.

Tartan Tales

02 casual shirts luxury
  Yes, it will soon be 2017 and the lumbersexual look hasn’t died yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you look like you have spent the last five years living in a cabin in Alaska. There is a self-respecting way of wearing a plaid shirt and adding this one to your closet is a good start. Keep it sleek with a pair of black skinny jeans and resist the urge to wear a trucker hat.  

Chambray All The Way

03 casual shirts luxury
  A chambray shirt is the cooler, slightly more grown-up cousin of the denim jacket. Opt for it if you want to stay casual but also be taken seriously. If light layering is your game-plan, then this one is your go-to.  

Prints Please

04 casual shirts luxury
  Dark shades like navy and charcoal are usually fit for formal occasions but the micro prints on this one are a fresh breather. Khaki or beige linen trousers go best with it but don’t hesitate to pair it with light-washed straight fit jeans when you’re kicking back over the weekend.  

White Out

05 casual shirts luxury
  While a crisp white shirt is a formal wear staple, this half-sleeved white printed shirt is it’s diametric opposite and spells weekend-getaway. The square prints and slim fit are apt for teaming it with a pair of classic indigo jeans.


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