You know what’s more fun than buying stuff during Diwali? Buying it from the money you make from winning at cards! While gambling is frowned upon and may even be illegal in certain states in India, there is a blanket license to indulge in some card games and score big during these festive days. Here is a list of five popular card games that you should brush up on so that you can make a killing when it matters the most!  

Teen Patti

No, we’re not talking about that horrid Ben Kingsley-Amitabh Bachchan film; this Teen Patti is the most popular card game played during Diwali. It is so popular that most other games are either a variation or a spin-off from it. So what is Teen Patti all about? Basically, each player or team stakes a certain amount of money to create a potful of cash. Players get three cards face down and must then play until the winner has the three best cards out of 52. You can decide which cards can be considered as having the highest value – be it a set of three similar cards or a sequence run such as Ace, King and Queen. The variations of this game include Muflis, in which the player with the lowest card value wins. Another version of this game is called AK47, wherein Ace, King, 4 and 7 are considered Jokers and can be used in any form to form the sequence. Another variation of this game is called 1942 – A Love Story. In this, Ace, Nine, Four and Two are considered as Jokers. The only additional rule is that players must converse in Hindi for the duration of the game or else they forfeit the game!  


Nilami is the base preparation for Teen Patti and can be a great add-on if you have loads of time to play. In this, after giving out three cards face down to each player, the dealer removes two more sets of three cards. One card from each set is pushed face upwards and these cards immediately become Jokers. Players can decide whether they have a good set of cards. If not, they can bid for better cards by putting money in the pot. After this, regular Teen Patti games commence as described above – only with more money in the pot to play for!  


Okay, this is going to sound a bit stupid but please bear with us. In Matha, players get one card each and must paste this card on their forehead so that others can see its value. Next, the player must guess the value by asking questions (Is it white or red? Is it a Face card or Number card?). Whoever makes the correct guess, in the least questions asked, wins the game.  


This game can be played by two to 12 players with all 52 cards divided equally. The game begins with one player placing an Ace face down in the middle. The next player must place One, followed by Two, Three, Four all the way up to King face down. There is ample scope to bluff your way and place a card that breaks the hierarchy if you are skilled. If another player calls your bluff, you become the Ghanchakkar and must take all the cards in the pile. The player who can dispose of all their cards first wins.  


Ideally played with four players, each player gets four cards of the same value (four Kings, four Aces, four Threes or four Fours). These 16 cards are shuffled and then begins the game of passing the card. Each player removes the most useless card from their hand and places it next to the person on his left. The game goes on until everyone gets an entire set and lays it down. The last person to do so is – you guessed it – the Gadha.


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