In just a couple of years, Xiaomi has changed the way we perceive Chinese phones. There was a time when no one took Chinese electronics seriously, but Xiaomi has managed to create a market for its smartphones that are not only affordable but also reliable. They have busted the age-old myth about low prices mean low quality. Today this brand competes with some of the more established brands like Samsung, HTC, LG in the mid-range phone category. Here are a few reasons that make Xiaomi a brand everyone's crazy about these days.

Low price

If you’re not looking for an iPhone to begin with, you’ll surely be interested in a phone that offers great value for a reasonable price. Affordability is a strong selling point for Xiaomi phones where the most premium ones are priced under Rs 25,000 and you can get the cheapest yet good-featured phone beginning from Rs 6,000.

Great specs

Even though the costs are low, Xiaomi isn’t a brand that compromises on specifications. They don’t use a low-quality MediaTek processor. Most of them run on Snapdragon processors which are currently the most noted kind. When you compare the processor, camera, RAM and storage specifications, Xiaomi reasonably offers the same what other brands do at almost double the price.

High quality

Most Xiaomi phones have a superior look and feel. For instance, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 sports an all metal body with rounded edges on all sides. It has a matte finish for good grip. The camera is no exception either. Xiaomi smartphones have cameras that can be described as decent to outstanding. The Note 3 has a 16-MP rear and 5-MP front camera that ranges somewhere on that scale too.

Good OS

The Xiaomi phones have their own MIUI OS which is highly customisable. It lets you tweak every small aspect of the software to make it as user-friendly as you wish. It is also fast to use, secure and gets regular updates with bug fixes and improvements. They even provide updates for their old devices, so you don’t have to worry about changing your phone to stay up-to-date. Like this story? Also read:  #SureThing(S): Xiaomi Redmi 3S and 3S Prime

Respectable reputation

Xiaomi has a popular fan base globally and in India too. Without having a store, it has managed to keep up a good reputation among users and on the online media in general. Some have even compared this loyalty to Apple. Xiaomi actively interacts with their fans through their MIUI forum. If a user has a problem, one simply has to post it on the forum and get it solved by MIUI enthusiasts in a short time. The flash sales and new product launches is another thing that makes it an exciting brand to follow. Apart from their super popular smartphones, Xiaomi also manufactures headphones, water purifiers, air purifiers, TVs, etc. Like the smartphones that many of us have tried and tested, MI fans would agree that there’s much scope for the rest of their products to be a total hit once they launch in India. Like this story? Also read: Checking out the Xiaomi Mi5 Cover Image via

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