You hate to compromise and have a sharp eye when it comes to photography. Yet DSLRs are too bulky according to you and regular point and shoot cameras simply don’t cut it. Is any help at hand, if you had to invest roughly 40K on a camera that can get the job done without giving you a sore shoulder?

When small is great

The answer comes in the form of the very likeable Canon G7 X MK II. Pick it up and the amazing build quality enamours you instantly. It feels nice to hold, thanks to its well-done proportions. However what you will like even more is the sheer amount of manual controls on offer. The button placement is superbly ergonomically and you will hardly ever press the wrong button when in a hurry. Talking about hurry, this camera is a hoot to quickly tuck away in your pocket thanks to its lightweight body (319 grams) and highly portable (depth of 4.2cm) proportions. The 3in touchscreen does not tilt left or right, which is a shame really, however it does tilt up or down letting you take those frame worthy crazy angled shots. canon 1

Shooting star? Me?

When it comes to the photography arsenal, this Canon packs in a 20.1MP sensor. What it also packs in is 4.2x optical zoom ( 24-100mm range) which is good enough for most photography purposes. Photography is something at which this camera excels in. I absolutely loved the way it captures colours and performance is admirable even in low-light conditions. I have always loved taking bokeh laden shots in low light and thanks to a wide aperture on the G7 X MK II, photos look stunning. Another brilliant bit about the camera is the fact that it is a star when it comes to focussing quickly regardless of the lighting conditions. You can go manual and fine tune your shot or else leave things to the Auto mode, which does a fine job of things. Also Read: Whoa, Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II Is a 4K Scorcher! Images are packed with detail and as you take portrait shots of people, you will be amazed at how realistically this camera captures skin tones. Picture performance is one of the primary reasons I love this camera. It does well in the video department too, though I would have loved it to feature 4K video recording, for the price I won't complain as I can still record in Full HD video at up to 60p framerates. Also Read: You Can(on) Get a Good DSLR Under Rs 50,000 To put it in a nutshell if you are looking for a no-nonsense point and shoot camera that is easy to operate, offers manual controls and is a star when it comes to image quality, this Canon is what you should buy, now. Oh, and it looks so darn lovable. Images via