Well, 2016 is the year when one of the top DSLR brands finally decided get serious when it comes to enabling 4K recording on your camera, with Nikon unleashing the D500 and the D5, both armed to the teeth. Canon was the first company to introduce 4K on to DSLRs with its EOS-1D C, back in 2013. Fast forward to the current time period and the company has thrilled us again with the launch of the EOS-1D X Mark II. Inside is a Full-frame, 20.2MP sensor and two DIGIC 6+ image processors, that allows you to shoot 4K videos at a frictionless 60 frames per second. Compared to the EOS-1D C, it’s a massive improvement because you could only shoot at 24fps in the 4K mode with that camera. While it should do great with 4K video recording, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is the stuff a professional photographer’s best dreams are made of, even when it comes to features with regards to shooting stills. Canon How would you like to shoot at a quick-fire 14fps with full AF tracking enabled? You can even shoot @16fps in Live View mode. I personally shoot tons of fast cars at some truly demanding locations apart from the track, and a fast camera can be the difference between a crisp shot or one that is so very slightly blurred, the latter being useless. This camera should be a pro wrestler when it comes to shooting in low light, thanks to an improved 61-point autofocus system, with 41 cross-type points that are specifically adapted for shooting in low-light. Oh, and if you weren’t happy with the 51,200 ISO sensitivity spec, you can gleefully ramp it up to 4,09,600. You can drop your jaws now! When it comes to fast cars, sometimes I end up shooting crouched inside a ditch, just so I can catch the visual drama of the dust flying behind the car at just the right angle. So there’s a good chance the raging dust could end up in my camera. Other enemies include muddy water, rain or more. However with a weather sealed magnesium-alloy body, like that of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, there is a good chance the camera will survive. Even its shutter is built to last 4,00,000 cycles! Of course you need to pay Rs 4,14,955 (body only), but if you are a professional photographer, you already know where you will put your money down. To round things up, the new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II not only offers beast level features for still photography but also comes armed with top-of-the-line 4K prowess. Being able to shoot at 60fps being one of them, even Nikon’s latest - D500 can manage only 30fps while shooting at 4K. All I can tell you is that just when we thought the DSLR arena was cooling off, things are beginning to heat up again. Eventually the call will be yours, to invest in a 50.6MP 5DS or 5DS R from Nikon, or give Canon’s latest 20.2MP, 4K@60fps ready torchbearer a chance. Also Read: How to Take Nat Geo-Worthy Pics on Your Next Safari Cover Image via Canon; Image via Mashable

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