You could have a dozen great matches on Tinder but taking it to the next level a.k.a swapping numbers should always be a thought-out decision. But how often do we think on Tinder! We’ve all gotten carried away with that witty opening line and dog pictures and now we’re left to deal with those “hey wassup” messages every morning or random 3 am phone calls. Get over this Tinder blunder and get one of these 5 call blocking apps to block unwanted numbers from your phone for good.
Call Blacklist
Count on this app to silently block numbers from your contact list or your call logs without even bothering to notify you that your Tinder blunder had called AGAIN. It does the same with messages too so that you don’t get distracted with those emotionally-charged messages. This app also has a whitelist feature for days when you want to ignore everybody except your boss or mother. You can temporarily block all numbers except the ones you add to the whitelist. Activate it and continue with your no-nonsense day. Download
Phone is an app by Google to give you better control over your calls. It includes features like caller ID and call blocking. So that you can identify that Tinder match even when they call from their ‘other’ number. It also alerts you about spammers and telemarketing callers by identifying them. Download
Call Blocker Free – Blacklist
This app allows you to block known and unknown numbers too. With this app, you can create a blacklist of all those contacts that read Tinder in the end. If it’s a number you don’t have saved, you can pick it from your call log or message history too and block it. Download cal blocking apps
True Caller
We’ve always relied on True Callers to identify an unknown caller before answering a call but did you know that you can use it to block numbers too. If you already have this app, head to the Block option to block calls and messages from specific contacts. Download Also Read: Truecaller Might Get Relevant Again
Should I Answer?
For some reason, if you haven’t liked the above apps, you can try this app that has similar features but a different user experience. In addition to blocking blacklisted numbers and spam callers, it uses its community database to identify callers so you have information like name and location about the unknown number trying to call you. This is similar to True Caller but this app has an additional rating system collected from its database that gives you more insight about the unknown caller and whether you should answer it. Download Cover Image Courtesy: