We're nearly halfway through 2020, and the year has brought about a lot of changes to our lifestyles. One of the main areas under transformation is our diet. From being mere buzzwords, healthy food and trends around health have become a part of our daily lives. All of us are looking to consume healthier food that has a positive impact on our health and fitness. There have been multiple trends in fitness foods this year, and many more are yet to come. We've listed out the food trends that are highly relevant in 2020 and should become a part of your diet plan immediately.

Stone Ground Ancient Grains

Highly nutritious and fibrous, grains like millet, sorghum and quinoa are on the rise. Adding these to your diet will also deliver health benefits such as reduced cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. From stone baked bread to salads, it’s a healthy replacement to rice and wheat.

Nut Butters and Healthy Spreads

Considering diets like keto and low-carb, nut butters and spreads are gaining popularity. To make it even more interesting, the rise of unique flavours of butters and spreads makes eating healthy quite convenient. Add fruity and seed based spreads to your pantry if you haven't already.

Plant-Based Everything

Shifting to an all-plant, gluten-free or vegan diet has never been easier! There are plant based replacements for most meat, gluten or dairy products. From zucchini chips, gluten-free lasagna to vegan cheese, there’s something for everyone.

Fermented Foods

Gut health is always important, especially if you're looking to boost your immunity. As a result, fermented food is gaining a lot of popularity. Items like yoghurt, kombucha and kimchi are being made and consumed at home and will see more popularity as the year progresses.

Carb Substitutes

Replacing carbs with lower calorie flours or vegetables are quite a trend now. From almond flour bread to cauliflower crust pizza, you can now enjoy your favourite foods, guilt-free!

Smart Hydration

Just ditching coffee and soft drinks from your hydration cycle is not enough any more - take it one step further by infusing your water with fruits and vegetables, or maybe even spices. Specially designed bottles to facilitate this are readily available now.

Banana Flour

The perfect replacement for gluten-free diets, banana flour is soon going to be everywhere. This nutritious replacement for wheat is creating a buzz. In addition to that, fruit and vegetable based flours are gaining a lot of popularity overall.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese made from interesting ingredients like pumpkin seeds, nuts and more are quite popular right now and will definitely find a permanent spot in your fridge soon.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com