If you’re someone who’s not tuned in to the latest names and upgrades in the smartphone world, the decision to buy a new phone can be quite startling. We’ve come a long way since the times where people were loyal to brands like Sony, Samsung and Nokia. There are a ton of new smartphone brands out there that give you products that are just as good and often less expensive too. What really matters these days is how you use your smartphone. Do you like streaming a lot of videos or do you use it to play games or do you take a lot of photos and videos? Pick your new smartphone based on specs that match your need and you’ll have the perfect phone that you can hang on to for the next few years.
Choosing an operating system
Picking an operating system is all about convenience. While there are a few operating systems like Windows and Blackberry functional in the market too, Android and iOS are the most popular two of the lot. If you’ve already been using these two, you’ll find it convenient to stick to your team.
Size matters
There are two kinds of people, one who like big screens so that they have a better movie-watching or gaming experience and the others who just want a device that fits right in the pocket. Choosing between the two is again a matter of preference. It’s also worth knowing that large screens consume more power than small screens and smaller-sized smartphones are more portable as they fit in your purse or pocket easily.
Storage will count in the long run
It’s all good in the earlier months since you don’t have to worry about space so soon. But the more you use your smartphone, the more space you’ll eventually need for those dozen odd apps and zillion selfies that you go on adding. If you download a lot of apps, buying a phone with a large internal storage would be ideal. If you store a lot of pictures, movies and music you can make do with appropriate internal storage and an expandable memory card. Either way, ensure you have a lot of memory at your disposal because it matters in the long run.
Battery life is important too
With all the fancy features being the talk of the town, people often forget to check on the one most important thing that will determine how long will your new piece of swag be of service to you. We end up using our smartphone for multiple reasons and this is what will keep draining your battery. While there’s a lot you can do to save power, it would be ideal to pick a long-lasting battery in the first place. These days anything beyond 3000mAh is a good one.
Is it equipped for the future?
If you’re not too fussy about buying a latest release, at least check if the phone you pick is compatible with future tech. For instance, will it support 4G or even 5G or can it handle marshmallow or nougat and further updates? An additional benefit about buying a newly released smartphone this year will be the added Bluetooth 5 feature.
Camera concerns
Having a good camera is an essential these days since it eliminates the need to carry around another camera when you’re vacationing or just taking pictures randomly. Many smartphones today come equipped with a 20-MP camera. If you’re more of a selfie-taker, there are phones that particularly boast of their front cameras. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com