Your fridge is perhaps the most important household appliance that you could buy. We get it, you just want a decently sized cold machine that can keep your veggies fresh and your beer chilled, efficiently and consistently. For that reason (among others), it needs to be that one appliance you should never ever skimp on. Unlike other gadgets like televisions or smartphones, refrigerators stay relevant for a long time and need to last that long. So you need one that does the job and does it well for years to come. Here’s a brief look at what you need to know before getting a refrigerator.


Measure the height, width and depth of the space you can afford for your fridge. For most people, we’d recommend a refrigerator that can fit within a 33 inch width space. Your options are limited if you live in a small apartment but there are some decent compact fridges in the market like the Videocon VZ205PTDR direct-cool single-door refrigerator.


We recommend models with freezers on the bottom if you eat fresh more often than frozen. Side-by-side designs have tall and thin freezer spaces by keeping them on one side and the storage shelves on one side. Top or bottom freezer types are our choices since they’re more energy efficient and we need enough space to keep our pizza(s) flat.


Look for models that are solidly constructed. You can’t rely on a cheaper model that is liable to break down and God forbid, spoil all your food. Keep a look out for low-quality interiors. Vegetable trays that feel fragile and flimsy or can get stuck easily can be a daily nightmare. Not to forget the door shelves which are almost always crammed up. See if the shelves are attached well and can hold heavy bottles without bowing under pressure.

Temperature Performance

Consistent temperature performance is what you need to look for when you need your food to stay fresh for as long as possible. We love the LG GL-B201ATNL 190L Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator with advanced humidity controls that keep our food cool constantly with very minor fluctuations.

Storage Space

You definitely need a refrigerator with ample storage space for your produce and your bottles and jars. Some models come with movable shelves to add extra space. If you’re non-vegetarian, or need enough ice to get your drink on, or merely are an ice cream aficionado, you definitely need enough freezer space. Generally, the more spacious ones are generally those with freezers on top.

Energy Efficiency

The BEE star chart is your guide to seeking a fridge that doesn’t cost a lot to run. Higher the rating, lesser the load on your electricity bill. As simple as that.


Face it, since they demand a lot of space and are front and centre in your kitchen, everybody’s going to lay their eyes on your refrigerator. You need one that’s easy on the eyes. We especially love then Whirlpool Royal Protton FP 313D Multi-door Refrigerator. If there was a cold storage beauty pageant, this sleek hottie would win hands down.


Sure there are refrigerators with fancy features such as LCD screens that can stream music and show you recipes to screw up. But if you’re looking for the most important features, keep a look out for evaporators or even better, dual evaporators. With separate flows of air for the freezer and fridge compartments, odour migration (keep that meat stink away from your veggies) is avoided and food stays fresher. Another feature you could use is Vacuum Insulated Panels that decrease refrigerator wall size by replacing air-filled panels with vacuum-filled foam. Also Read: Now This We Want: The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Cover Image Courtesy:

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