Curly, wavy, frizzy, unruly or unpredictable hair, there’s one solution to it all – a hair straightener. It’s quick and convenient to use; and the straightener wields control over the hair with the help of its heated plates which glide along the hair follicles, leaving you with glossy, straight tresses. With just this one styling tool you can undo any kind of bad hair day. Of course, the trick is to find one that styles your hair quickly, and without causing damage. Here are a few things to consider when buying a hair straightener.

Hair texture

A hair iron that heats up to high temperatures will help straighten thick and coarse hair quickly but can damage fine hair. We recommend ceramic-plated hair straighteners for fine or thin hair. These are great for smoothening hair and reducing frizz. The ceramic material handles heat well, allowing the ceramic plates to distribute heat evenly, without getting too hot. On the other hand, titanium-plated hair straighteners can heat up faster than ceramic irons and can hold heat at a consistent temperature. We recommend it for thick and coarse hair as the high heat can smoothen hair quickly without having to go over the same section many times. Apart from these, there’s another tourmaline-plated hair straightener that’s good for damaged hair. These are also called “ionic plates” because they produce more negative than positive ions, which reduce frizz and seal the hair shaft, thus retaining the moisture. Also Read: Do It Better Than A Celeb: Perfect Wavy Hair

Size of the hair straightener

The ideal size of your hair straightener depends on your hair type and length. An iron with slim plates measuring up to 1” is best suited for short hair. Medium plates measuring up to 1.5” is suitable for short to shoulder length hair. However, if you have long and thick hair, you will need a wide-plated iron measuring up to 2”-2.5”, as such wide plates can straighten more hair in a go.

Temperature setting

Hair straighteners with high heat settings will be quick to straighten your hair but will also cause the most damage, especially if you have thin hair. Look for a hair iron with variable temperature settings so that you can increase or decrease the heat as needed.

Other Features

Apart from the main features, there are several other things that can influence your choice. For instance, there are flat irons with built-in combs or brushes that can help tame and set unruly hair better. Instant-heating hair straighteners are another kind that can prove to be helpful to people who don’t have much time on hand. There is also a range of travel straighteners that are compact and equipped with worldwide voltage. A good hair straightener will prove to be a great investment for your hair. Don’t fall for a cheap bargain. Look for the features that will suit your needs. Also Read: Here Are 5 Gadgets That Will Survive Your Holi Party

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