Who watches cable TV anymore, especially when they can stream the same movies and TV shows on apps like Netflix, Hotstar and even YouTube, minus the never-ending ads that can’t be skipped. The solution is clear—a smart TV. With a Smart TV, not only do you have access to the internet, you can use it to play games, listen to music and browse the net. If you’re looking for such a smart upgrade over your current idiot box, the Epictronic Sale is the perfect sale to buy smart TVs. Also Read: Keep Time With These Ultra Chic Rose Gold Watches

Sony 43” Full HD Smart LED TV

Sony KLV-43W772E 108 cm 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV
This Sony smart TV is an ultra-sleek addition to your living room. It comes with Full HD display that gives you crisp and clear visuals, and two USB and HDMI ports that you can easily connect other devices, including a home theatre system or gaming device to. Make the most of this wide screen.

Panasonic 32” HD Ready Smart LED TV

Panasonic TH-32ES480Dx 80Cm 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV
This Panasonic smart TV is a smart addition to your entertainment system. Its IPS LED display, adaptive backlight dimming and Hexa Chroma Drive makes for a better and interesting viewing experience.

LG 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV

LG 55UJ632T 139 cm 55 Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV Black
The term ‘bigger the better’ stands true when it comes to TVs. This large screen 55-inch TV is not only packed with smart features but also comes with 4K UHD display. This is the new standard of high definition that gives the TV four times the resolution than that of a Full HD TV, thus giving you flawless picture quality and sharper details.

VU 43” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

VU 43SU128 109 cm 43 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Black
This 43-inch VU TV is another gem with 4K UHD display. This medium-sized screen is perfect for smaller rooms. With its smart features, you can use it to not only stream TV shows, movies and games but also cast your phone or Chromebook to the TV. Buy a VU TV to get an additional 2-year warranty.

Samsung 32” Full HD Smart Led TV

Samsung 32K5300 81 Cm 32 inch Full HD Smart Led TV Black
This is a new kind of TV by Samsung. This Joiiii TV has a cool design with just one cord at the back. You can move this TV around as you please, there’ll be no messy wires or air vents that look out of place. It comes with metallic legs that hold up the TV whichever room you move to. Also Read: This Is a Uniquely Offbeat Pizza Recipe You’ll Love at First Bite Find more smart TVs on sale here.