In a country like India where summer prevails for most of the year, it is essential to have an AC that works well. However, if you’ve been ignoring its maintenance over the years, it might result in slow cooling and other problems. An AC that could have lasted you for 10-15 years, begins to deteriorate faster, causing higher repair bills with each breakdown. Air conditioning is a welcome relief in this sweltering weather, the high bill on the other hand, not so much. Review your AC to make sure it’s fit to survive another summer or is it just going to cost you more to keep it running. Here are a few warning signs that will help you decide if you need to pull the plug on your old AC and make way for a new one. Also Read: 12 Amazing Finds From The Hello Summer Sale

It does not cool the room

If you turn on the AC and it does not cool the room like it did before even after a few minutes, then there’s a good chance there is a problem. It could be a result of clogged pipes or restricted airflow too. Nevertheless, the lack of cooling is a sure sign that there is a problem which needs to be checked on.

It sounds and smells unusual

If you hear unusual sounds like grinding, chattering or squeaking that you never heard before, it means that your AC is ageing. ACs are supposed to operate at a certain noise level and if it has now gotten so loud that it is almost disturbing, you should take it as a sign that it’s time to upgrade. Also, normally ACs should not leave behind any smell. However, a smoky or burning odour usually indicates a serious problem.

You’ve noticed higher energy bill

When an AC has to struggle and work hard to get the job done, it consumes more energy. This leads to higher electricity bills. You’re better off with a new AC that is enhanced with power-saving capabilities.

It keeps breaking down

An old AC with multiple problems will break down frequently, leading to high repair costs. As you fix each problem over time, the repair costs add up to a significant amount. It’s wiser to spend on a new AC with upgraded systems than your old AC. For instance, inverter ACs are very popular these days as they have several benefits over non-inverter ACs. These ACs work on a variable speed compressor and are the most energy-saving ACs today. Also Read: Inverter AC or Non-Inverter AC, Which One is Right for You? Not sure if your AC needs repair or replacement? You can read this article about how to troubleshoot common AC problems. However, if your AC is beyond help, it’s time to make a better investment. Cover Image Courtesy:

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