Come summer and we rush to upgrade our air conditioners and air coolers, but what about the humble ceiling fan? Unlike an air conditioner or air cooler, a ceiling fan uses little electricity and require little maintenance. And even if you use other cooling gadgets, it will complement them perfectly, and help cool a room evenly. However, the efficiency and power saving capacity of a ceiling fan depends largely on the kind of fan you choose. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when buying a fan for your home. Also Read: Can’t Afford An AC? The Air Cooler Is Your Best Option

Fan Size

Ceiling fans are sorted by size from 900mm to 1400mm. The bigger your room, the bigger the fan you’ll need. A room measuring less than 80 sqft will need a 900mm fan. A slightly larger room measuring 100-150 sqft will need a 1050mm fan. A room up to 150-300 sqft, which is a common size for most apartments will need a 1200mm fan and a large room - over 300 sqft will - need a 1400mm fan. For a much more larger room, consider using two fans to balance the air circulation in all parts.

Number of Blades

The number of the blades are important for the functionality of the fan. Most fans come with three, four or fiveblades. However, more blades do not mean more air will be circulated. In fact, many blades create a drag. The common three-bladed fan is most efficient for cooling but the four- and five-blade fan is quieter and more pleasing aesthetically.

Blade Pitch

The blade pitch refers to the angle of the blade and is just as important to consider as it determines how much air it can circulate through a room. A fan with flat blade just slices through the air and does not facilitate air movement efficiently. You should ideally be looking for a fan with blades that are angled at 12-15 degrees.


RPM stands for revolution per minute. It refers to how fast the blades of a fan spin at a specific speed. With the right blade pitch, the faster the blades spin, the more air it will be able move. A good fan will see you through all the seasons of the year. Check out these fans below at discounted prices from the CLiQ to Cool sale. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Style A Basic White T-shirt Cover Image Courtesy:

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