Keeping up with trends and looking your best while you have a busy schedule could definitely seem impossible. Sure, shopping for the perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe every season could be time consuming but we've got you the perfect solution to balance it all out. You could now check out the best in fashion while you're on the move and get your hands on it in a few hours with the help of the CliQ and PIQ feature. Isn't that awesome? Whether it's getting ready for a date or transitioning from your 9am to 5pm look to post-work drinks, getting your basics right could effortlessly help you up your style game even while you're running out of time. We've got you the only guide you'll ever need to shopping smart and saving time on the go.

Build Your Basics

m1 Adding the right basics to your wardrobe could make dressing up a whole lot easier. Invest in a few timeless and classic pieces to build a strong foundation that could be paired with almost everything you own. These basics never really go out of style and you could mix and match your favourites for a whole new look each time around. Make sure you add these foolproof classics to your wardrobe now:
  • A white shirt
  • A polo t-shirt
  • A smart casual checked shirt
  • A pair of comfortable denim jeans
  • A pair of well-tailored chinos

Stick To Neutrals

m2 If you don't already own a few neutrals, you have to get your hands on some of these ASAP. While some men may stay away from neutral colours altogether, a neutral outfit could make you look extremely trendy when styled well. Khaki, one of the most popular neutral colours, is slowly being introduced into most men's wardrobes. Khaki pants paired with a white shirt is a classic neutral combination and you have to try it out.
  • A black or white t-shirt
  • A pair of tan or khaki chinos
  • A grey shirt

Lightweight Fabrics

m3 In this crazy heat, it seems nearly impossible to wear your most stylish clothes and step out but lightweight fabrics could surely be your best friend this season. You could choose from a variety of fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon and other blended fabrics that are sure to keep you cool and trendy.
  • A linen shirt
  • A pair of cotton trousers

Layer Your Outfit

Layering is perfect for when you want to instantly up your style game without having to do much. A trendy jacket layered over a basic tee could change your look in a matter of seconds. Invest in light layers like a cotton jacket that you could use during summer for a stylish look.

Save Time

With your busy schedule, going window shopping may not always be an option. Instead, browse online while you're at work or on the move. With the help of the click-and-collect feature, you could now select your favourite products on the app and collect it from your nearest store. It would not just save time but it's super easy as well. Shop the collection here.  

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