There’s a problem with the carnivorous diet, but nobody seems to want to talk about the elephant in the room. That’s probably because nobody wants to open their mouth for fear of breathing in the odorous methane-rich farts of the cattle hiding in the elephant’s shadow. The meat industry is responsible for a considerable chunk of global warming. That steak you love so much is killing you in more ways than one – and don't forget all those patriots who’d punish you with lashes from their leather belts and chappals.  

badass RSS kid "Day 43: They still haven't realized I'm wearing the wrong shorts"

  Personal well-being aside, giving up meat could be far more effective in lowering your environmental impact than giving up  your car. But before we begin hailing the government as true visionaries, let's take a look at other food options. I am, of course, talking about those little crunchy snacks that can be found everywhere - insects. FYI, bugs are also a superfood.  

bug buffet Best. Party. Ever?



Insects outnumber humans 200 million to 1. That’s a lot of food for everyone. India alone has one of the highest numbers of insect species in the world. Bye-bye world food crisis!  

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They Pack a Protein Punch

Insects deliver a very high amount of protein per gram. This makes them a more exciting post-workout food than (ugh) grilled paneer.  

Raw Paneer Stop! The excitement is killing me!


There’s Something for Everyone

There are ants that taste of citrus, nutty crickets, arachnids akin to soft-shell crabs, and even grubs (larve of Japanese beetles), which  resemble bacon! Think about that the next time you order extra bacon on your burger.

boy and pig "Why would you ever think I'd eat you, Sir Francis Bacon?"


You’re Already Probably Eating Them

Did you know that Danone once used insect dyes to colour their yogurt? And that several factories are already growing insects to produce protein powders to enrich food items? You look like you need a drink after that news. How about some Campari? You know, the kind that for years used insect dyes to create their characteristic colour.

drinking in the bath “Every sip is another hour in here”

  Actually, now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I can learn to live with all the cattle farts. It's like music to my ears.


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