Going out for dinner or a hangout with friends was an integral part of our lives before the lockdown. However, right now home cooking is what it's all about, with people cooking up delicacies in their own kitchens. While restaurants and eateries have remained shut during the lockdown, that doesn’t mean you cannot bring the restaurant experience home with your own cooking skills and a few other tips. Here’s a few easy things to do for a complete restaurant dinner experience at home.

Pick a theme

A sure shot way of bringing the restaurant feels home is to pick a theme and run with it. If you’re planning to cook Italian food, think about your favourite bistro and what makes it special for you. This will influence the decisions you make later in the process.

Make a menu

Once you’ve got a theme set, pick the dishes you want to make – and build a menu with them. Go all the way by designing one on free online apps like Canva, and even printing it out if you have access to a printer. Choose your dishes carefully and try to make delicious yet easy choices. You don’t want to spend the entire dinner in the kitchen. A simple three-course meal can be just the right choice.

Prep your ingredients

Behind great restaurant food likes a great deal of prepping. Ensure that things like marination, freezing desserts etc are done as early as needed. In addition to that, keep as much prep covered as possible – cut and chop your veggies, make your purees and more. When dinnertime arrives, you’ll just need to go through the few final steps to serve a complete meal.

Create your ambience

While your theme determines your menu, it should also show through in the way you decorate the room and set the table. Pay attention to details – if there’s a way the napkins should be folded, maybe learn it off a YouTube video and get it done. The right background music for the theme, playing on a concealed Bluetooth speaker, can also go a long way.

Dress up for the meal

Finally, once you’ve done everything else, it is time to groom yourself and dress up for the meal just like how you would for an actual experience of dining out – for you and anyone else who is a guest at your restaurant. After all, you must look your best in the post dinner selfies, don’t you?

Image Courtesy: Canva, Shutterstock