A cup of tea makes everything better—after all, drinking tea regularly has been proved to be one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Confirming that theory, tea blender Jiten Sheth says that drinking tea, if made a lifelong habit, holds the key to good health, which includes physical as well as emotional well-being. We'd trust Sheth, because he’s a real teaphile, certified as tea blender through a formal tea blending course from ITMA (International Tea Masters Association) in USA. Sheth is the first Indian to earn such a certification. This true connoisseur today owns his own brand of tea blends called Tasse de Thé (TDT) through which he wants to bring to us the real essence of authentic tea culture. We here believe in our own chai time, which has its own benefits but tea goes further than your hot cup of masala chai. Drinking certain types of teas could have various effects on you. Also Read: The 5 Indian Teas Making Waves Across The World Jiten spends each day attempting to understand these effects and creates blends to serve specific purposes. He wishes to make tea as every person’s healthy addiction. He knows how every tea blend caters to a mood and thinks that people can make the most of them if they match each tea to the right purpose.

"I wish to make tea as every person’s healthy addiction"

Teas for every mood

We got talking to him about how to pick the right tea for every mood and he unveils these secret concoctions that can benefit your health and well-being.

When you need a morning wake-up

Hibiscus and orange peel tea blend, since it is packed with vitamin C and serves as an ideal energy booster.

To beat the afternoon slump

Rosemary and gingko boliba tea blend since it’s a brain booster and eliminates fatigue.

When life leaves you tired and exhausted

Black tea combined with litchi, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

For times you feel anxious and stressed

White teas like white bai mudan combined with lavender is a tea blend ideal for relaxation

For those sleepless nights

Valerian root tea blend is the perfect cure for insomnia. In addition to finding the right blend to boost your health, Jiten also believes that brewing your tea in a certain way can completely alter your tea drinking experience for the better. Also Read: Super Coffee: The Biggest Wellness Trend for 2018 Decoded

How to brew the perfect cup of tea?

Jiten advises loose tea leaves over tea bags to everybody who drinks tea and wants to start drinking tea since they’re healthier and more aromatic. Each tea has its own set of brewing instructions and water temperature which can make a whole lot of difference, if followed well. The advantage of loose tea leaves is that they can be brewed multiple times with taste and health benefits only getting better with each brew. While some teas can be brewed up to 3-4 times, brewing for some teas also goes up to 7 times. Simply take 3gms of loose tea leaves, pour water of tea-appropriate temperature, boiled in a kettle in a circular motion over the leaves and brew as per instructions.

How to make your tea a little extra special?

Your search for the ultimate tea experience doesn’t end yet, Jiten also believes that the teaware you consume your tea from can add a special touch to your tea drinking experience.  Complement your Green, Oolong and Pu’er Teas by brewing them in traditional Chinese Yixing teapots. It is said that Yixing cups keep the tea warm for a longer time. Alternatively, you can feel the Parisian vibe by drinking your teas from Jade China & Porcelain teapots, bound to make you feel like you’re part of a French tea party. Also Read: 7 Dresses You Need To Get Your Hands On Now

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