Breakfast never seemed so affordable before. Whether you like coffee or tea, toast or sandwich, having just these 5 breakfast appliances around will sort all your breakfast needs. Using them gives you the option to enjoy a classic breakfast of bread and beverage every morning and yet have the liberty to try out new recipes using these handy gadgets that cost you no more than Rs 5,000.
Freshen up your morning with a hot cup of tea made with this new kettle. Having this one around also makes sure chai time never ends. Did you know that you can cook a bunch of other foods in your kettle too? Like making oats, now that’s one more breakfast item you can add to your list.
Pop-Up Toaster
Chef Pro CPT540 2 Slice Pop-Up Toaster
Running late for work? Just pop a toast in two minutes with this pop-up toasted. Add some butter, jam, marmalade or an egg and you’ll be powered up to take on the new day. Also Read: 7 Appliances for the Ones Too Lazy to Cook
Coffee Maker
Russell Hobbs RCM1 Coffee Maker with 1 Cup Capacity
There’s hardly anything good about a morning that compares to waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee. Give your morning a kick start with caffeine and get going.
Grill Sandwich Maker
Oster 2223 700 Watt Grill Sandwich Maker
If you like a heavier breakfast to end the night long fast, get a sandwich maker. Add in an egg or last night’s leftover meal and enjoy your wholesome grilled sandwich in the morning. On Sundays, you can pamper yourself a tad bit more with some melted cheese grill sandwich too.
Croma CRK4068 200W Cup & Rack Blender
A blender can be quite the handy breakfast appliance too. You can juice several fruits and veggies to make a healthy juice. You can also make fresh smoothies for a power-packed morning breakfast. Cover Image Courtesy:

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