You’ll rarely come across a person, fashion-conscious or otherwise, who hasn’t heard of the Armani brand. Synonymous with haute couture since 1975, the Italian house was founded by Giorgio Armani in Milan and is known for its simplicity, clean lines and uncomplicated designs. However, wanting to create a bridge label that was more casual, accessible, the designer launched Armani Jeans in 1981. A brand in it's own right, Armani Jeans has it's own logo, featuring the GA initials embedded in a full-profile eagle to capture the pioneering spirit of the line, and identity. Initially launched as a casual alternative to the main Armani brands, today Armani Jeans has grown to become one of Armani’s most successful diffusion lines. Offering a young, relaxed and contemporary style, Armani Jeans’ brand ambassadors also follow this aesthetic – Brazilian midfielder Kaka, Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, model and actress Adriana Lima, actress Megan Fox, Spanish tennis champ Rafael Nadal, and Barbadian singer Rihanna have all endorsed the brand. The distinctive advertisements all follow a similar theme – they're black and white, featuring seductive music, stripping, and celebrities pulling on a pair of Armani jeans. We particularly love the ones with Rafael Nadal (running through a car park only to strip down to his underwear and pulling on the jeans) and Megan Fox (a room service video, aptly titled The Tip, featuring a waiter who just can’t seem to get enough of Megan stripping down to her underwear before she pulls on her jeans). Watch the video and you’ll know why, too.

Bold DNA

Over time, Armani Jeans has evolved to include a wide range of clothes and accessories. In a slight departure from the signature Armani brand, Armani Jeans uses bolder colours, more graphic prints and designs, and deviates from the simplicity inherent in the main brand to create more distinctive styles. The line offers a vast selection of casual and prêt-a-porter styles for men and women – shirts, pants, jackets, dresses – alongside the denim segment which it completes and which is at the heart of the collection. You’ll also find accessories – belts, wallets, bags, watches, luggage, and shoes – in their stores. 02 armani jeans The denim options are extremely rich in terms of both style and fit, as well as in terms of washes and price point. The collection covers a whole spectrum that includes simpler workmanship as well as more sophisticated workmanship: the fits include everything from skinny to regular, with numerous variations of the waistline and silhouette. With its forward-looking technological DNA, Armani Jeans has always been attentive to the issues and problems facing the contemporary world and respecting the environment—to the point that it became an ethical as well as a stylistic challenge. Following the introduction of organic cotton, where no chemicals are used in the cultivation, harvesting and transformation into fibre of the plant, the brand’s research is now focusing on new technologies for washes. Treatments such as the Eco Ice treatment—an innovative Italian-made procedure for fading denim—are a testament to Armani Jeans’ longstanding and ongoing commitment to the reduction of the environmental impact in the production of jeans.

Current Collection

The Armani Jeans Fall/Winter collection focuses on materials and on the 'savoir faire'. It is a range stating a sophisticated contemporary attitude made of pieces with an urban vibe, and is a collection suitable for any occasion—from office to dinner, and city to the mountain. 03 armani jeans The range is made of versatile items, all in comfortable fabrics and relaxed cuts. Mixed and matched, look out for worn-out indigo and workwear influences mixed up with fine wool, cashmere, silk, viscose and leather. You’ll find a colour selection evoking a sense of refinement and subtle sophistication, yet suggesting a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship created by bold depth of burgundy and warmth of brown tones, in this collection. Now, it's time to find your fit.