The home-grown premium shoe brand, Ruosh, has been designing shoes for the Indian gentleman for over six years now. Look at their shoes and you will understand just how much of an emphasis the brand pays to quality, style and design. The brand, whose parent company provides shoes, soles and other leather products to labels like Kenneth Cole and Hush Puppies among others, works with rare leathers, traditional methods like hand-stitching, hand-tamponation and vegetable dying to produce some of the most good-looking shoes available for men right now. ruosh Kuldeep Singh, head of product design says he and his team create designs keeping in mind that each shoe must be as functional as it is stylish, and as comfortable as it is elegant. “We make about 300 designs, but only two or three of those eventually get produced,” he says, “and the focus is on [authentic] craftsmanship.”

In Style

Kuldeep loves playing with leather, when it comes to designing Ruosh’s shoes. “We work with leather, because it’s such a natural material. It’s breathable, and offers the chance to create different textures and finishes including lazer-cutting and weaving,” he says. Ruosh But the brand does use canvas in its collection of more casual styles, which include driving shoes – one of those wardrobe-altering products, like jeans, which the modern man must own –  as well as moccasins and loafers. As a starting point, says Kuldeep, “we take into account the fashion forecast for the season, plus current market trends; we then deconstruct it and merge it with our own design philosophy.” About 150 units go into making one pair of shoes, explains Kuldeep. Everything from the sole and the upper to the tongue and vamp is cut separately and then assembled. Shoes are then hand-stitched – or machine stitched in the case of moccasins – and the sole is crafted on top of the shoe itself, either with a unit sole (made of rubber, and literally poured into the shoe), or a built-up sole (made of rubber and 5 more components, including veneer, and nailed together before it’s inserted in). The USP, says Kuldeep, is in the finishing that Ruosh uses. Skilled workers use the tampernation method to colour each shoe by hand, explains Kuldeep, “so no to pairs will ever look alike.”

What to Buy

Ruosh’s formalwear collections includes two styles especially created for weddings – the first is focused on Indian motifs like madhubani work, and the second is the floral collection. Ruosh The more sporty-minded should also check out the skater-inspired shoe collection. “Right now, the style is leaning towards activewear, so we’re obviously seeing everyone wearing sneakers with formal jackets; we’re also seeing the unicolour shoe – where everything from the inside out is one single colour. But next year, look forward to the marble sole,” says Kuldeep. We can’t wait. Cover image courtesy:

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